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Looking at a 2008 Xterra -- good vehicle?

Asked by BlueAl (37points) December 27th, 2010

I am looking at purchasing a 2008 Xterra, fairly high miles, but everything else I am looking for in a vehicle. Anyone have one of these? Pros/cons? Anyone sell them?

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No, sorry. You should opt for brands that are more famous such as mercedes etc.

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i had a 2002 Xterra (back in 2002) and i liked it. It was my first SUV however…...but it was my third Nissan and I am a Nissan fan. why do you want this vehicle if it has high mileage?

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My mom drives a 2003 and it’s a great car. Doesn’t get the best gas milage (and the 2008 probably gets even worse), but it drives well, and is actually really great in snow and ice.

It’s also one of the few SUV’s outside of Jeeps nowadays that are built on a truck chassis, leading to much better outdoor performance than say, a Nissan Murano or a Dodge Durango.

For city driving, I’d pass it by, but if you’re going to be doing any sort of off road driving or if it snows where you live it’s a great car. Great handling, very heavy, and the 4WD is smooth.

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