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If I buy the Minecraft Beta now, will I have to pay for the full game when it comes out?

Asked by Hobbes (7355points) December 27th, 2010

When Beta was released, Notch removed the line in the disclaimer which said that said “all future updates will be provided free of charge”. This seems to mean that people who bought Alpha will get the finished game free of charge, whereas if I buy Beta now I will have to pay for it again when it comes out. Is this true?

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Yes, unfortunately, according to his blog. One might hope that he will offer a discount for people who bought the beta, but his blog post doesn’t mention that.

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So what point is there in buying beta? Just getting to play the game earlier?

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I guess so. He might even release the source code and give the game away for free in a few years.

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No! You get the full game for a reduced rice during beta. Buying during beta does allows you to play now, but it’s also at a discounted price! When the final full version of the game is released, the price will raise to the full price.

What you do not get for buying during beta is any updates he adds after the final game comes out. Things like new update packs (DLC).

I hope this makes sense!

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Thanks, it does =] I just bought the game, and it’s pretty fantastic.

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Glad you bought it. Best game of 2010.

I do believe the beta license will entitle you to a function copy of the game forever at no cost, as well. Even if Notch releases a “Minecraft 2.0” or something you will still have all the base features of “Minecraft 1.0” in the “Minecraft 2.0” version.

Think of it as buying Call of Duty, but when the developer releases maps or other downloadable content, you’ll have to pay for it. You’ll have the essential parts of the game, just not some of the bells and whistles. (The people who bought alpha or earlier will get the bells and whistles free.)

Not sure if that made much sense, but whatever. It’s a great game. Prepare to have your time wasted away.

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