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What do you do with gifts that have no gift receipt?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) December 27th, 2010

Ah, a gift-time tradition: my mother got me something that isn’t really my style, but didn’t give me a gift receipt. What do you do in these situations? Sell it on eBay? Craigslist? Re-gift? See if they’ll take it back anyway? Something else?

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A lot of stores will take something back even without a receipt, as long as it has the tags on it. Does it still have them, by any chance?

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@diavolobella No – because it’s actually from a catalog/website based in CT (I’m in CO…).

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If you know the company, call and ask about it. Maybe, by some chance, they’ll take it if you ship it.

If not, I’d try to sell it.

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Call the catalog company. A lot of them have very, very liberal return/exchange policies.

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Well the fact that you have no receipt is practically useless, but it’s worth trying, ask them if they can take it back. Otherwise, you pretty much have to bear with it, because it would seem rude if you just dispose of it like that. Appreciate the gift, but don’t use it.

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Post a picture. Maybe we want it. :))

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@Luiveton Yeah, but isn’t just throwing it in a drawer and never looking at it again kinda the opposite of actual appreciation?


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It’s a costume! You need to throw a party. Theme it by bringing in a fortune teller or holding a seance. Read Taro cards, play Ouija, have spooky movies on in the background. Channel Farah Fawcett.

Or… photograph yourself naked except for the necklace. Post it on with the title, “Eye alone”.

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@6rant6 If I was gonna post pics of me naked,I wouldn’t ruin them with that necklace – I’ve got (fake) pearl necklaces for that! Much more appropriate.

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what was she thinking?

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We had to exchange some toys, we didn’t mind getting store credit but they just gave us cash and sent us on our way.

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@BarnacleBill I know! Year after year, she just doesn’t understand that her taste in fashion is not the same as mine!!!

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Take it back if it ain’t your steez. I exchanged a shirt today at Dillard’s and didn’t have a receipt just the label with a proof of purchase sticker. At first the dude was like “sorry, proof of purchase label doesn’t match.” I knew it was from the right store so I found another clerk and the women said “someone mixed the labels this one is for womens clothes”. So she put the amount on to a card it was all good after that!

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@papayalily Okay, that’s sexy and all but I’m going for art and spooky
and sexy.

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Here’s the return policy for that catalog. Looks like you just have to call them first to get an authorization in order to return it without the paperwork.

If that doesn’t work, I’d re-gift it (if I knew anyone who’d like such a thing), sell it, or donate it.

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@augustlan Wow, you did all that research for me? You’re so pretty…

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You could plan next year’s Halloween costume around it…

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@BarnacleBill Oy, spend lots more money just so that I can wear a necklace I don’t like? That seems like a lot of work.

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@papayalily Well I meant appreciation towards your mother, not the gift. It would hurt her if you just throw it away.

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