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What's the height of Beckham?

Asked by leowalking (11points) December 27th, 2010

What’s the best height of a football player?

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According to Wikipedia, he’s 6 ft (1.83 m) tall.

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The best height for a player depends on their role on the field. A goalie needs to be tall obviously (but I knew a professional goalie who was 5’7” and made up for it by being able to jump really high). Centre strikers also tend to be taller to intimidate the defenders and be able to head shots in above them. And because the strikers are taller then defenders get taller also. Height is less important in midfield and out on the wing where speed is of primary importance.

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The best three players the planet has ever produced Pele : 5ft 8in – Diego Maradona : 5ft 5in – Lionel Messi : 5ft 7in. In short….pun intended….a low centre of gravity creates the perfectly balanced footballer, essential for ball control, dribbling & outstanding skill. Which all of the above had/have in abundance. As for “Becks” well, he’s more of a show pony really. Would be more accurately measured by hands.

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