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What's a good Korean movie you'd recommend?

Asked by remambermee (442points) December 27th, 2010

That is a love story, possibly a tear jerker, and does not involve anyone dying from cancer?

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This is a good Korean movie: Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?: A Zen Fable (1989). But it’s probably not what you had in mind.

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>Korean love story
>does not involve anyone dying from cancer

Ha, that’s pretty difficult (as you seem to know).

You might want to try Il Mare or My Sassy Girl or Take Care of My Cat (which is more like a coming-of-age story for girls). These aren’t terribly recent, though.

For something more recent: Sa-kwa, which has Christian underpinnings; Paju, which isn’t really a love story but is very emotional; and This Charming Girl, about a quiet woman.

For something that might make you cry: Secret Sunshine.

For something that’s neither a love story nor a tear-jerker, look at Oldboy.

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Another vote for Oldboy

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The Way Home

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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these probably aren’t korean but maybe. the first is called: ‘cursed’. it may be chinese i don’t know because it’s not in english. the second [it’s probably japanese] would be ‘premonition’.
if they’re korean, glad i could help. if they’re not, sorry.

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Two Faces Of My Girlfriend!! I cried. And laughed. :D

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