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So how goes the quest for wireless electricity?

Asked by talljasperman (21827points) December 28th, 2010

like the kind that Nikola Tesla was trying to invent…?

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I’m too lazy to click on that link but, I think that pad you can use to charge your phone and anything else is pretty neat.
But I think electricity needs a to run through a circut to make the energy. I don’t think it can actually run through a signal.

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This would be suppressed like the many other free electricity unless those who control the money find a way to use it to put people in bondage.

Then you would see it marketed to all a the greatest thing ever invented.

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This into detail about Tesla’s wireless transmission plan.

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Possible, but at present not very practical. Due to the inverse square law, available power at the receiver drops off exponentially the farther away it is from the transmitter. I see it being a convenient way to keep cell phones and such charged simply by setting the phone on the same tabletop as the charger, but highly impractical to have a wireless power transmitter in your home to deliver power to all your electrical devices.

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Tesla’s idea is cool, but when compared to wired electricity, it’s sloppy.

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i don’t know if i want to live in a microwave.

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@mammal You already do. Though they’re not all microwaves – some are radio.

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@mammal With all of the cell phones, ipods, blackberry and other communication devices out there today (many of which have internet access) I suspect we live in an ocean of electromagnetic radiation anyway. Different type of ‘radiation’ however.

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@mammal Heck, you ought to point a Geiger counter at the back of a CRT monitor sometime.

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Yes well i’d rather be medium rare, than well done personally.

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