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I am selling my car to my sister what are the steps to take?

Asked by scharkenrider (14points) December 28th, 2010

what steps do you need to take for a private party car sale?

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You will need to sign over the title to the car, give her the cars registration card and do write up a bill of sale for the dollar amount to make it official. Here is a more detailed Link on what you need to know with a BOS you can use.

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Cruiser, excellent answer and link, jp

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Thanks @john65pennington I guess we should add that even when giving a car to someone you have to do all of the above and best to “give” the car for at least a token one dollar written in the BOS. Or at least that was what I was told to do to make the exchange a legal transaction.

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Give her a bill of sale and sign the title over to her. The rest is really up to her, but if I were you I would follow up to make sure she has registered the car into her own name. Also, let your insurance company know you have sold the car.

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In California you must also have a current smog check. Be sure you follow the instructions for your state.

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