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Can you deal with the snow?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) December 28th, 2010

Like the heavy storm the East Coast got hit with? How do you deal with it, or are you looking to escape?

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I’ve dealt with major snow storms, and massive flooding. Give me the snow any day. Flood water comes up and kicks your ass and there’s not a thing you can do about it. You have to stand back and wait for it to receed. Snow you can shovel and move around. It doesn’t seep everywhere. It might take a lot of shoveling, but it’s manageable.

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I have no trouble with snow. Like @Adirondackwannabe says, you can shovel it out of you way. We have had some roof issues, but nothing huge. And I’d rather have that than a flood, earthquake, tornado or hurricane. Of course, growing up in NY state and living in NE Ohio, you adjust to it.

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I have no problem dealing with major snow storms. Thankfully we live on a main street that will get plowed before any others so I don’t anticipate being snowed in for too long. Heavy rains and tornado weather scares me the most.

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It ain’ no thang.

What I got for Christmas was a headcold and a driveway full of snow. So I dressed a little warmer than I might have otherwise and went out into the remains of a snowstorm (and howling wind) anyway and shoveled the driveway, the steps and the walkways to the house.

After the initial shock to the system (you’re never dressed quite warmly enough) the activity is enough to keep you warm, and it’s nice to know that your body can still respond and that you can shovel all of that, in time. I have to take more breaks than I used to, but I’m also less likely to be overwhelmed by it: it’s just going to take time and effort. And a good heart, of course. (If you’re not completely out of shape, the shoveling is a pretty fair exercise, too.)

Of course, my back isn’t speaking to me today, but other than that… not so bad.

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Snowstorms are awesome especially when they shut things down for a couple days and means extra few days off! I love the snow and the more the merrier. Nothing worse than a snow-less winter “Blech!”

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Yes! I love snow! I can hear snowmobiles as I type this.I miss my mine!
Sledding,skating,cross country skiing,walks,I love it!

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Here in the snow belt of western NY we are used to it. Everyone has a snow blower or a plow. Back in November many people switch to snow tires, and everyone either has or has a friend with 4WD. Other disasters are much worse. Snow is cold but it eventually melts. Floods with mud on the other hand hang around for a long time.
Which brings me to something I can’t quite figure out. I live in the snow belt and plan for it. I have the equipment to handle it. I am not surprised. But the people who live on, or overhanging a hill seem to be surprised when they get washed out. They then demand tremendous assistance and compensation. Should they be permitted to rebuild at the same location? As a taxpayer I say no. Having your mountain wash to the sea is a sign that maybe the ground is not stable and it might not be a good idea to build there.

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@lucillelucillelucille And nothing works better for plunking someone in the back of the head.

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@Adirondackwannabe We freeze water in juice cans and shoot them from our potato cannons Great winter fun. We also shoot snow balls – but never at someone!

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@worriedguy You could do some serious damage with those. Remind me never to challenge you to a snowball fight.

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No snow here yet, but yes. I love it (except for the last couple of days when it’s nothing but slush and mud.) However, Dakota is shedding, and when that dog sheds, she SHEDS. She’s white and OMG. It truly looks like snow in here, in my house, and not the good kind. I’m not even allergic to dogs, but she has me itching and sneezing. But..this too shall pass. And I wouldn’t be surprised if my vacuum cleaner too shall pass. away. I REALLY want a Dyson!

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I’ve loved snow since childhood! Some of my earliest memories involve playing in the snow!

As an adult living in a snowy climate with a car, I only mind it when the plows pile it high around my vehicle, leaving it to me to clean as I’m running late for work. Otherwise, bring it on! The more the merrier!

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@Adirondackwannabe Yep! The thing will fire an ice cylinder at 175 ft/sec! (Chronographed with a Chony F-1 Master) I calculated the kinetic energy and it was about half of a 20 gauge deer slug. Range of about 200–300 yards.
Kids! Don’t try this at home!

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I love the snow, I wish there was more! I love the actual storm, I love the fresh snow on the ground, and I love power outages. I don’t try to escape it I try to find more.

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We haven’t had any.. I hope we get a day of it; that’s just right for me. One day of snow. I don’t think I’d have a feeling of accomplishment from shoveling snow and ending up with a tremendous backache. That is, if I could even do it. I too have many memories of deep snow growing up on the East coast, some great, some bad, plus six years in northern Colorado so longing for snow is out of my system.
My best friend’s husband is in his mid- seventies and has heart trouble so he won’t shovel this winter. She’s doing it… the howling wind.

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Sure, I can handle the snow. I live in NYC, and it was so quiet in Manhattan because no one went out. Plus, I’m from Wisconsin, so…

I’m just glad I wasn’t on the A train when it got stuck for 7 hours at Broad Channel in Queens on Sunday night.

I think newly-fallen snow is great to play in at the park, but am glad my building has porters and snowblowers.

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I’m from Northern Ontario – of course I can handle it! Here in Toronto there’s a tiny dusting of snow on the rooftops, but nothing more. I just got back after being home for 4 days, where it’s real winter, and I loved it!

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I HAVE and I CAN, but I’d rather NOT. And, lucky me, I don’t have to. To all those who DO, I wish strong muscles, great patience, and a tasty recipe for hot chocolate or a hot toddy by a toasty fire.

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