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Has Michael Vick been rehabilitated?

Asked by tkrengel (75points) December 28th, 2010

Do you think he knows that what he did was wrong and is he doing everything he can to make amends, especially to the animals that were harmed? {,0,5163298.column}?

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Well, I don’t know. What he did was so horrific that it is hard to believe that he really understands how cruel it was.

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Could you repost that link, please?

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Mr. Vick knew at the time he did it that it was wrong. It is not a question of ” Is he rehabilitated”? That answer would be “no”. Rehabilitation is a very long process and the psychology behind becoming the type of man who can treat an animal so cruelly goes a lot deeper than something that can be addressed by a few months in prison. By the laws of our land, he has paid his debt to society.
Mr. Vick probably is a sociopath, or at least has leanings in that direction. And if he has learned anything it is that he will have to be much more careful.
But you can tell by his actions if he has any true remorse. Has he asked after the dogs? Has he made any attempt to make atonement to the animals? Any of them? He owes a debt to them that can never be repaid. Has he even tried to make a down payment? I don’t know, but I am not asking about photo-op atonement, I am talking about genuine attempts to do something for the remaining animals and their new owners. Even if he were to give a bunch of money to the SPCA, that’s not what I would consider persoal accountability to the dogs. There is your answer.

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I am an animal lover, and I don’t know about the “rehabilitated” question. He appears to be attempting to make amends, but nobody here is in his heart/mind, so we cannot say whether he feels remorse for what he did.
He is spending a lot of time working for the Humane Society

I am going to sell myself out as hypocritical (because I eat meat) but there are people who work in “factory farming” of animals who are guilty of similar crimes against animals, they just go unnoticed because the animals are slaughtered, butchered and eaten… we don’t keep chickens, pigs and cows as pets, for the most part, but many of those animals have to endure some heinous living conditions and cruelty prior to their death.
(I’m not a total hypocrite, because I have since stopped buying meat at the super market and only buy from local farms, who take care of their animals and use the most humane methods possible for slaughter)

I hate what he did…but I can’t judge him.

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i think that he knows what he did was wrong and for that he has been punished but the damage he has done is severe and i dont think any amount of penance will wipe that away

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