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I have a flight from Los Angeles to New York connecting in Denver on the 31st. Should I worry about my flight being delayed/cancelled?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) December 28th, 2010

So I booked a ticket from LAX to Newark airport on the 31st. The flight connects in Denver and has me landing in Newark at 7:30. The purpose of the trip is to be in NY for New Years. It’s going to snow in Denver that day, however, I figured it’s always snowing in Denver, they’re probably always prepared for some snow.

The forecast is here:

Should I be worried about being stranded in Denver for New Years?

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I would be more worried about being in Newark at any time, frankly…

But seriously, how much do you think that ‘worrying’ will help? If you have weather concerns, as any reasonable person flying in northern latitudes should, then take an earlier flight.

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Ha we’ve missed out on all the bad weather out here in Denver so far. But anyways before you board at Lax call the airline that your connecting to. You should be fine. A couple of inches doesn’t close the whole state. I would be more worried about the weather on the east coast.

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No, don’t worry. No point in worrying. But, if you want to worry, part of getting stuck in Denver does not necessarily depend on Denver weather. If the plane you will be taking from Denver to Newark is coming out of Newark, and just making roundtrips all day, if Newark has bad weather you are screwed also. If it is coming from Atlanta, and Alanta has icy conditions, screwed again, you get the picture.

Usually everything is running like clockwork. Don’t worry.

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It won’t do you any good to worry, so don’t bother. You might want to consider what you will do if it does happen.

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@CyanoticWasp It’s not so much that I think “worrying” will help. I don’t want to be stranded in Denver on New Years. Also, there are no affordable earlier flights. If there were I would have for sure booked it.

@Shego I agree, It’s 2.5 inches and that happens the day BEFORE my flights. Also. Weather in Newark during that time will be just fine – Sunny and 40 degrees.

I know the weather in Newark has been terrible and flights are being canceled left and right, however, that’s over, and the weather on the 31st is just dandy…. its the conditions in Denver that I know about and am worried about.

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@DrewJ there are worse places than Denver to get stuck, believe me.

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@DrewJ Sounds like your chances are good you will get to Newark no problem. :). You have a few hours cushion if there is a delay. Are you going to go to the streets in Times Square? Or, you have a party to go to?

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Got a party. I’d like to be there for the countdown. I know TimeSquare is crazy and you pretty much have to be there the night before to even have a spot. I’m originally from NY – would never dream of attempting time square on NYE.

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@DrewJ To your advantage you know your way around. Did You ask the question, because you are contemplating not going of peope think the risk is high you won’t make it? Or, is it a done deal, and you are just curious what people think?

No matter what it is a busy day of flying and getting where you are going in time to I assume change and get tot the party. The big advantage you have is midnight will be 9:00 your time, so you should not be exhausted from the travel and usual bedtime.

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@JLeslie Good point. I’ve already booked it all. The reason I ask is because I can not board the LAX to DEN flight if DEN to NY is canceled. Well, the real reason I’m asking is because I’m super excited about going but nervous about getting screwed and wanted other people’s opinions to ease my nerves. lol

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Clear and temps in the mid to upper 30’s through Friday drops down to 31 at night. Should be fine. The airlines are getting back to routines on East coast.

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You should be fine. There is a high forming, and it is supposed to warm up on the East Coast.

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