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Men - Have you got good taste in women?

Asked by zenth (64points) December 28th, 2010

can you define your taste ?

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I like women who are smart, interested in making the world a better place, and who have a strong sense of personal ethics. I have almost always chosen women with these characteristics.

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No, not at all. I’m more interested in Starkist® women: They have to taste good. (The tuna thing, well, that’s optional.)

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I have two major “types” that I go for, which I would say define my tastes.

Type one are tough, hyper-intelligent, cunning women who could both physically and emotionally kick my ass all while looking sophisticated and sexy in the process.

Type two are the “manic pixie dream girl” types who are close to nature, spacey, artsy, and mysterious, all with a slight hint of endearing nerdiness.

My last three girlfriends were a type one and I’m finally getting to date a type two. It’s certainly less stressful.

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Oh yeah for sure I do. Hold the mayo though, prefer ketchup.

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loll… breathing! Good!

Well, some would say yes and other say no.. My answer would be, yes.

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loll… breathing! Good!

Well, some would say yes and other say no.. My answer would be, yes. I’ve always been attracted to strong and independent women. My s/o completely fits that persona.

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I think this is a self answering question. Anyone that you find attractive to you I would think you thought was in good taste. So yes.

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if she’s a good cook i’ll marry her

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Not sure if I have good taste, but my husband certainly has!!

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Considering how wonderful my wife is, I’d say ‘yes’ – but then, I’m biased.

I like a lot of different traits in women and my wife is pretty diverse. She’s not a ‘type’ per se.

Conversely, here’s what I can’t stand: stupidity, lack of common sense, poor hygene, materialism, selfishness and any kind of prejudice.

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@cprevite So very well said, couldn’t agree more

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