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Looking for a blogging site without censorship. Does this exist?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) December 28th, 2010

Not because I wanna do anything illegal, but I’ve had this idea for a while for something with horror movies, and I need a blogging service that allows swearing, gore and porn, the last two being of the fictional variety, like screenshots and shit? Do any blogging services allow that kind of stuff? Or rather; I know it’s out there, but other than Blogger and WordPress, I don’t have any resources. Help?

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Can’t you host your own with the Wordpress software?

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tumblr seems pretty good about not caring. I see tons of sites there with nudity and gore. Like dverhey said hosting it yourself is the best option. It will cost about five bucks a month, but wordpress takes about one minute to set up.

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Not sure how WP works…I’m bad with that stuff. So maybe I should check that out?

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Their only rules are that you just don’t break US law. Other than that, that is pretty much it according to their Terms And Conditions Of Service (TACOS) teehee.

They also have a neat payment scheme that only charges you based on what you used in terms of bandwith, space usage, databases, etc and it’s around pennies a day, if that. You could just give em a $20 banked in and it may last you for a while depending on what you do with your site and how much traffic you get; However, it’s very much bring your own content, so you’d have to upload your own installation of Wordpress or something like that which isn’t difficult but it’s not “easy” in the sense that you’ll be up in a few minutes.

There’s also places like squarespace that have gorgeous web design tools and hosting in a package, but that will cost you at least $8 month, though there are certain places where you can get coupon codes for 10% off the lifetime of your hosting with them.

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You would have to buy your own domain and hosting. Make sure you find a host that has C-Panel with Fantastico which allows for 1 click automated installs of word press. Site 5 is a great host and they are offering free domain registration right now.

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@mrlaconic Your link leads me to this very page here. XD

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Try here for the link above.

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@Symbeline thats so weird….I dont know what I did wrong. But @Dog posted it again and that works.

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Blogger allows adult sites.. I don’t see why the one you propose would be a problem.

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I’ve seen a lot of hardcore pornography on tumblr, along with a lot of gore. And tumbr is easy to use.

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@MissAnthrope Never used it, so I don’t know. A lot of places seem edgy about stuff like that, so I’m doing some homework first.
And what IS tumbr anyways? When I went there it said something about texting people from your PC?

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Adds a vote for tumblr. They don’t censor anything unless it’s actually illegal. Porn involving minors would be a problem, but I don’t think they’d have a problem with anything you’ve listed here. It’s also very easy to embed video into tumblr, so if you’re doing a movie blog and you want to embed clips, trailers etc, tumblr is ideal.

I’ve never heard of tumblr being able to send people texts, but I know twitter can do that and I think tumblr can crosspost to twitter so maybe it works that way. The homepage says you can “post texts” – that means you can send a text from your own phone to your tumblr. At least I think you can, but I’ve no idea how. I haven’t set mine up for it because these things so rarely work outside of the US. You definitely won’t receive unwanted texts from it.

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@Symbeline Wordpress is essentially two things. There’s, which is with hosting (and their rules) and then there is the wordpress software, which you can download and host on your own server (wIth no rules).

I don’t know about tumblr for this one. If your goal is to be professional, it might not be the best place, but it does have a large userbase (even if a lot of them are 15 year old girls.)
If you do do tumblr I’d try and buy your own domain name at least, though. Free domains at tumblr add .tumblr to the end of the URL and just doesn’t sound nearly as professional or even well done and thought out as just to me.

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Feel free to do what you like, of course. :) I honestly am not sure I could single out one of the services as better than the others, and I’ve used them all to varying degrees. I just had some thoughts about my experiences you might find helpful..

Honestly, the big names in blogging like Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress have pretty lax rules, as far as I can tell. My first blog was on Blogger, starting in 2003. I posted my share of cursing, which has been no big deal under a normal, non-adult designation. I have seen plenty of adult blogs on Blogger, as well. With pictures, videos, writing – all explicit. When setting up the blog, you can choose to designate it as ‘adult’, which puts a warning about adult content before someone gets to the main part of your site.

Tumblr and Wordpress, I have more limited experience with. The Wordpress blogs I’ve seen have been by people pretty serious about writing/blogging. Can’t say I’ve seen any adult WP blogs. Tumblr, I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I do have a Tumblr blog because it was very easy to do the things I wanted to do (kind of like a virtual scrapbook of randomness). I’m not too sure about the demographic, though.. it does seem to be quite a lot of very young people using it and most people don’t post a lot of actual text content, from what I’ve seen.

Each has their pros and cons in terms of useability, features, themes, customization. Blogger is a bit clunky, but pretty easy to use, plus they’ve updated the themes and added many levels of customization, so you’re not stuck with a stock theme. WP is a bit more elegant, I seem to remember. Tumblr.. well.. if you guys saw how many “How do I…. with my Tumblr” questions we get, you might think Tumblr isn’t as user-friendly as the others.

In terms of “rules”, I think they only care if you’re posting highly offensive or illegal material or trying to host a site for spam, selling porn, and whatnot. So, blogging about how disturbing pedophilia is is one thing (and acceptable, I’d assume), but blogging about how to go about it, posting kiddie pics, or stuff like that would likely get you banned in a heartbeat.

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My only thought is that I prefer to host my own so that I am not under anyone elses rules. I use WP on my hosting with my own domain.

Once Blogger locked me out saying I was in violation of their TOS. They never specified why but restored when I asked for a review and reason.

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Thanks guys. Been looking around those places mentioned here, and Blogger seems interesting to me. And yeah @MissAnthrope, Blogger does have some pretty explicit blogs on it. I don’t think my horror thing is going to bother any rules considering some of what’s on there.
WP sounds good too because you can be your own boss, but I’d have to learn how to use it first…not sure I get everything. So I think it will be in between one of those two.

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I have a lot of friends on google blogs (I might have one there too). It’s also free and you can designate the privacy and set adult content warnings. “google“

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