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What does it take to be a special ed teacher?

Asked by alexiswarrington123 (15points) December 28th, 2010

i would like to be a special Ed. teacher what do i need to know? What do i need to have? Is this a good job?

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My moms a special ed teacher, theirs not much you need to know unless you want a specification, you just need to love kids! Their awesome people :)

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I know they are wonderful kids there something that brings a smile to my face i love children thank you for all the information!!! i apricate it!!

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Good reading and writing skills, patience and compassion, a teaching degree and often a Master’s in Sepcial Ed.

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In some states you need a specialized credential. Love for the children is a great place to start, but it’s certainly not an easy job. It takes a lot of planning, organization, patience, and understanding/knowledge about why students are in special education.

To get a good idea of what the job really entails, you could try getting a job as an aide. That way you can see what the teacher does without having the responsibility. You might also inverview a teacher to find out what they do, what they think is necessary, how they got they got their job, etc.

Good luck! Special ed teachers are in very high demand in a lot of areas. it takes a lot of dedication, but it’s one of those rewarding difficult jobs.

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Here is a resource center for people looking to teach special education.

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Edit: “Special” Ed. (Insomnia Fluthering)

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I am finishing up my coursework to be a special education teacher. I had to complete my general education courses, lots of classes specifically for education, and about twelve classes in special education. Those courses included classroom management, assessment, reading and writing instruction, child development, etc. I did a couple of practicums in high schools, and I am required to student teach for a semester in a special education classroom.

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You need patience and you need to be a creative thinker, in my opinion.

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thank you u all had very nice questions

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Why do you want to be a Special Ed. teacher?

It’s a lot more complex than people think, and really tests out patience.

Like @SuperMouse said, there are a lot of courses to take. But you also have to learn the legal side of things. There are the waiver programs, medical programs, the disabilities laws, and a ton of other things to learn from a legal point. If a parent comes up and asks what you think about getting the child put on a waiver program to help out with costs and care, you’re going to need to know the ins and outs of that program to be able to advise them.

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because i care and love children that r special and thats just what i want to be

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I have been in special ed for over 30 years, although I am not a teacher. I do work directly with teachers.

• You need to tolerate doing paperwork- lots of it! You will need to brush up on those basic English skills.
• You need to deal with pushy parents, absent parents, parents who refuse to believe that their child is not perfectly normal…
• You need to be a team player.
• You need to face the reality that education is so low on the totem pole it’s buried, and you’ll never have all the resources you need.
• Depending on what field of special ed you go into, you may need to deal with being hit, bitten, scratched, spit upon, kicked or otherwise assaulted on a frequent basis, and also with kids who may have AIDS, Hep B, Hep C or other bloodborne pathogens. You may have to change diapers, clean up pee, and be exposed to snotty noses all day.
• You will never be paid what your education is worth. A software programmer fresh out of college may earn more than you ever will.

I presume you are fairly young. See if you can volunteer with a local program like Special Olympics where you can really see if you are cut out for special ed. It can be rewarding but it’s not all flowers and rainbows by any means.

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@alexiswarrington, if it’s all about the children, you might find another job that is actually more satisfying than teaching special ed. You could work with children, even those with special needs, but without all the training and huge responsibility that goes with being a teacher. I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t go for a credential… I don’t even know you! Maybe you really want to do that. Who am I to say? I guess I’m saying that teaching is very hard work. Special education is even harder. However, there are plenty of other jobs that involve working with children, and even teaching them, that aren’t as intense as becoming a teacher.

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my mother is a teacher ad i really want this job they are a part of my life

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