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Where is a good place to find web programmers and developers for my Internet Startup?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) December 28th, 2010

I have an internet start-up company that is a little ways along. It is a web application with a social networking community built around it. The “prototype” is built. Meaning: I had a developer build the website for me but it is not quite a finished project. Long story short, I am the CEO, I have my CFO and Marketing Guy in place. What I really need and am having the hardest time finding is my Technical Director. Not sure if that’s what you would call him, but he is the guy that knows programming and can fix problems with the website if problems come up. The only thing stopping me from launching my site and going any further is having a reliable web programmer that I can offer a share of the company to who will maintain the site and keep it in working order.

The guy who built the prototype is not going to work out. For reasons too long to explain…

I need need help finding someone reliable. Besides craigslist are there any resources online someone can enlighten me to? Any forums or developer/programmer communities? I’ve tried craigslist, mashable jobs, college campuses.

Keep in mind, as an internet start-up I can not pay a salary yet, but I can offer a percentage of the company.

Also, I need something much more permanent than, or sites like those.

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