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Is there a trait you have that relatives make fun of you for?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) December 28th, 2010

My kids are constantly imitating my laugh. I was never aware of it until they decided to mimic me, and suddenly I realized that I do this kind of sniffing laugh that sounds pretty ridiculous, but I’ve been doing it so long, I can’t stop it. I don’t think I know how to laugh any other way.

Sometimes they’ll deliberately get me laughing just so they can start copying me, and make fun of the way I laugh. Sigh. I tell myself that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. My son will sometimes just copy every move I make—being me, he says. He does it, ostensibly, to make fun of me, but I also think he does wonder what it would be like to be me.

So children, parents, cousins, Grandparents or grandkids, etc, etc. What trait of yours do they use to make fun of you or pick on you?

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I get lost in my own driveway! I always make it to where I’m going but often there are a few extra turns and side trips. I now have a Tomtom so am much better.

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This isn’t something that’s exclusive to family, but I sometimes get picked on for my head size. I have a large melon. I’m okay with it. If you aren’t, its your loss :)

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Not eating eggs

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My facial expressions. I have a really, really animated face.. and sometimes I make faces that people just can’t help but tease me for. My sisters and father all have that sort of Jim Carrey face, too, so we all tend to get picked on by other people. I get it the worst, for some reason.

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It doesn’t happen much anymore, but I used to get made fun of for my pronunciation of words. I learned most of my vocabulary from reading, and words like “diaspora” or “antithesis” need to be heard or looked up in a dictionary if you’re going to pronounce them correctly. Or you can just mispronounce them and get corrected after the laughing stops.

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I used to be teased for my laugh, as well. It was… um… kind of Woody Woodpecker-esque. x_x But I worked on it and now people love my laugh.

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sure, they are all ugly and I’m pretty (in the man sense).... just jealous.

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I get made fun of for “being too sensitive.” I cry at Coca Cola commercials and when sad things happen in animated movies.

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@marinelife really, that surprised me. I’m a softy also…please don’t tell anyone!

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I like to sit on swings at the kids park screeching Weeeeeeeee!! at the top of my voice. Those rotten mickey takers, what could possibly be wrong with that? Answers on a postcard please.

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My sister always makes fun of the way I say “water” (waaater, instead of wauter, like a regular new yorker).
My mother always licks her lips (she’ll just quickly stick her tongue out of her mouth, randomly) and we used to sit around the dinner table and do it to each other until she noticed- she HATED it.

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My family makes fun of me for over doing it with picture taking and video at get togethers. I’ve become known as the crazy uncle with the camera.

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They don’t call “Lucy” for nothing! XD

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@kenmc My husband has a melon head, too. In fact, that is his nickname. In elementary and middle school he was really skinny and they called him lollipop.

@TheOnlyNeffie You can read my face like a book. People always know how I feel about something even though I rarely speak up.

@marinelife Same here. The one who usually makes fun of me for it is my mom.

So… do I have anything unique to me? I snort when I laugh really hard. I’m in my mid-30s and still sit criss-cross-applesauce almost all the time. I trip a lot over invisible things. There are so many other things I can’t think of.

The good thing is, I am able to laugh at myself. My husband’s response to that is that it is a good thing I have so much to laugh about.~

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2 things. The first is that I always take lots of photos at our family functions. Sometimes people will say, “Aren’t you done yet?” but then 2 days later the same people will ask if they can have copies of my pictures. The reason I take so many is because despite the attractiveness of everyone at the party, lots of pictures turn out awful (demon eyes that can’t be fixed with red eye removal, one eye opened one eye closed, both eyes closed, blurred motion, food on the face, weird expression, hair sticking straight up). So once I have my 300 pictures, I’ll narrow them down to 50 of the best ones and then everyone thinks I’m a great photographer.

The other thing is that I’m the only vegetarian in our family. Have been for over 20 years, but still, some relatives act like this is the first time they’ve ever heard of this “unfortunate” situation. Then they either feel really sorry for me and furrow their brows and frown or they ask me what I eat (as though I must be on death’s doorstep). I usually reply that I eat the same kinds of things as they do- burritos, tacos, burgers and dogs, spaghetti, rice and beans, chow mein, sandwiches, sushi, soup etc. only without the meat.

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My mom Always makes fun of me and makes it a point to tell every boyfriend or friend that my eyes water while going number 2… Wow that was super embarrassing, and I’m so not easily embarrassed!

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If I get really hysterical laughing I reach a point where there is no sound from my laugh, except for high pitched wheezing. My siblings like to get me to wheeze point and then make fun of the wheezing. Which, of course, makes me wheeze more.

I also tend to cry at commercials, movies and TV shows. In college, my boyfriend caught me crying while watching an episode of The Waltons where Elizabeth’s legs were briefly paralyzed. From then on, whenever I teared up over anything like that, he’d melodramatically say “Elizabeth waaaaalkkked!!!”

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I have the unfortunate combination of a good vocabulary and a really bad Boston accent. Add to that I have a deep, resonate radio-announcer’s voice, and I’m always getting teased for the way I speak.

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I’m always teased for my terrible sense of balance. Sometimes if I shift my weight, I get thrown off balance slightly and start to fall, so I yell “Whoa!” really loudly as I catch myself (I know, this doesn’t make too much sense, but I have no idea why my balance is so faulty). Most of the time my family doesn’t even notice the fall, but hear the scream. When they do see the fall, they’ll imitate me wobbling around and screaming. Not cool.

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@diavolobella, I laugh that way also! Some friends nicknamed me “Wheezer”.

I also sometimes laugh so hard that liquid comes out of my nose so I guess those are my most obvious traits, but I’m sure I have many more. Just ask anyone who knows me!

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@Supacase same here. It’s unfortunate, because I enjoy playing poker. :) My face always gives me away, and in normal conversation my face is very animated. I move my eyebrows a lot and I hear that I have expressive eyes.

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@TheOnlyNeffie and same here. Everyone always points out how I could never do commercials- I can’t lie cause my face shows everything.

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My brother laughed at me once and said, “you could pee around a corner!” ummm… called the crooked penis syndrome!

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@BoBo1946 Hey crooked penis syndrome is freakin amazing!!! That is if it’s crooked the right way! Sorry off topic.

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“Sorry off topic.”

No problem: going off-topic is okay in Social Questions.

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@JustJessica I got more grief in college over that…. When you are on the basketball team and you all shower together, well… you get the picture!

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They make fun of the way I talk, the uneveness of my voice. There’s nothing I can do about it, guess there are other things they could poke fun at but don’t, thank goodness.

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My use of archaic language. I tend to throw old fashioned jargon into sentences here and there – some people thing it’s nice and quirky. Some people think I’m a prude. Naturally, it’s the former :-)

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@GracieT Wheezers of the World, Unite!!!! LOL

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@cprevite I would love to hear your voice. It sounds wonderful!

@stardust Can you give us an example of some of the words you use? I enjoy that kind of language. Maybe I can snag some of it to use in my writing, if that’s ok with you.

@Neizvestnaya I’m trying to imagine your voice. How do you mean “uneven”? It has me really curious to hear you. Especially if you were having a conversation with @cprevite LOL.

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@Kardamom: Imagine stomping on a rubber toy that has a squeaker in it and instead of a blurting squeak, it let out words. If I slow myself and in an “all about me” moment then I can modulate nicely. The was a Maxine Hong Kingston book my mother read years ago where a character was described as having a “pressed duck voice” and my mother called me into the kitchen and told me that was spot on me.

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@Neizvestnaya Kind of like Margot Kidder? I always thought her voice was really cute in that respect.

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@Neizvestnaya The way you’ve described your voice sounds kind of like how Kristin Chenowith sounds and I find her voice to be very cute sounding. Is it similar?

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@diavolobella & @Kardamom: more like Janeane Garafalo.
I think I am cute though, like babies and monkeys are cute.

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@Kardamom: Thanks. I’ll eMail you an audio file. :^)

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