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Have you ever wiped out your computer?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) April 8th, 2008

I just tried to install Boot Camp, made a miscalculation, wiped out my entire HD, luckily I had a Time Machine backup. So I wiped the hard drive of my new “Windows Machine” and reinstalled OSX 10.5. Then I restored from Time Machine, and then I downloaded the 10.2.5 update. Needless to say I was somewhat worried during this process. Had it not been for my external I would be completely screwed right now.

So, tell me about your close calls and near misses, I have more which I might add later.

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hmm my close encounter is that a freak virus wiped all my windows system file and my computer just wouldn’t boot. luckily i had all my important thing backed up ‘Phew’

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one of my older set-ups once changed format “mysteriously” one night, my computer was fine. the next day, I turned my computer off, went to work and when I came home and turned it back on, it wouldnt read anything. Seemed that my computer changed formats, from ntfs to fat32, making it windows xp pro to windows 98… bad thing was, I lost ALOT of music on that system. My entire collection, I had backed up on it.. :-(

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I just wiped out iTunes the other day. I was FREAKED! I asked for help on here and fixed it.

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I had a similar problem when creating a bootcamp partition. It seems to happen when I play around with formatting and partitions a little bit too much.
Basically, every time I tried to boot up OSX, everything froze on me and crashed. When I tried to boot up XP, I got a “disk read error” or the infamous blue screen of death. Not the best thing in the world to be seeing on your mac.
I eventually wiped everything, did a complete erase of my HD and restored everything off my Time Machine backup I had on my external HD.
The funny thing is, about a week later, my external started conking out. It now runs for a maximum of two minutes before dying on me, and I have to get it replaced. Talk about a close call!

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I dragged the Macintosh HD icon into the trash and deleted everything in it when I was a kid…

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Yep, had to wipe XP machines 24/7 as a kid. I was usually the ones who screwed them up, then “fixed” them afterwards. Of course after I got a Mac, never formatted. Ever.

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