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Guys with office jobs: is it a faux pas to not shave every day?

Asked by rjb1983 (158points) December 29th, 2010

I’ve been doing the every other day thing, leaving a bit of stubble every other day, which I’d thought was acceptable for men these days. But is this considered a faux-pas (in a law firm setting)?

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In my opinion, you need to properly shave every day if you work at a medium- or large-sized law firm in America. Whether it’s fair or not, appearances count in that setting, in my experience. If you choose not to shave, you will need to ensure your work product is so stellar that your lack of proper grooming habits is easily overlooked because you’re just that good.

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Depends how quickly your beard grows. I shave every other day, and haven’t ever had a talking-to from my boss. However, if I was going to be meeting clients or other higher-ups that day, I would make sure to shave that morning regardless of when I’d last shaved.

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I agree completely with @MrItty. A little stubble is okay, as long as you don’t have any meetings.

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Yes unless you work in advertising where having a stubble makes you “creative“_LOL

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If your 5 o’clock shadows comes in every day at 5 o’clock, I’d consider shaving. Otherwise, unless your job is public facing (ie clients, courtroom cases), I wouldn’t worry about the opinions of your co-workers. At least in my workplace 2nd-day stubble is acceptable…

After all, shaving every day is bad for your skin, and could cause more blemishes (razor burn, ingrown hairs) for your appearance over time. If you must shave, here’s a few tips for a healthy shave

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I do not think it is acceptable in a professional office.

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There are reasons why I wear a beard… and don’t work in a professional office like that.

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I shave every day. I don’t do it because its expected. I don’t do it because I’m worried about what my coworkers might say. I do it because I enjoy it and it’s a skill. It takes me about 30 minutes and that’s 30 minutes where all you have to worry about is the razor sharp blade your holding. It’s very therapeutic.

Also if it’s done properly it won’t leave your skin with razor burn, ingrown hairs etc.

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In a law firm especially if you are a lawuer, shave daily or grow something. You might be projecting an image of “sleazy lawyer” without realizing it.

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If one wants to look neat, he should shave everyday or every other day.

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Grow a beard and keep it neatly trimed. You get away with a lot less shaving. Not a goatee, those are so overdone and cant get away with not shaving.

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