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Would you go to a treatment center?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5376points) December 29th, 2010 from iPhone

Okay, I am very embarrassed to be asking this question. A few weeks ago I was hospitalized for chest pains. The doctors found nothing wrong with my heart, but said I have anorexia and if I continue I’m on my way to a heart attack. They brought in a person from case management (I was on a military hospital) who referred me to a treatment center. I agreed to go until I found out it was an inpatient treatment center. I skipped my consultation after I found that out. Anyway, I’ve been trying to fix this disease on my own, but I haven’t even gained one pound. I think I went up a few ounces though. I’ve been noticing that I chew my food for 5–10 minutes before swallowing. I didn’t do that until about 9 days ago. I’m worrying 24/7 about the dumbest stuff (ex. What if I don’t sleep tonight and then I don’t sleep the next day and I die?). I’ve been thinking lately that I can’t fix this problem on my own, but I don’t want to be in a treatment center for a minimum of 30 days. I know it’s probably my depression and anxiety causing this, but I can’t really help it. It’s involuntary. I actually feel depressed asking this stupid question.

I actually took a picture today of my arm and was shocked to see the photo. To me, I look very healthy.

Here’s my arm:

Suggestions people?

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Honestly, I would go. You admit that you can’t do it yourself and that you need help. Could you try calling the case management person and see if there is an outpatient program you could try first or perhaps look into local support groups? I can understand not wanting to be inpatient at a treatment center for a month, but it really can be beneficial. Good luck with which ever path you decide to take.

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Go to the treatment center where you can get some help. <<HUGS>>

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@ducky_dnl Don’t be embarrassed by asking this question – you are SO brave, embrace and hold onto that. I would go to the treatment centre… 30ish days now compared to the new lease of life you may have… or indeed the life at all.

You are such a valuable member of this community, and I don’t doubt you’re valued by people who care very deeply about you in the “real” world too…

Big hugs. xx

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We’ve already had this conversation. I know your story and even spoke to your mother.
Go to the center. Go now.

also, 96 pounds is not a healthy weight for a girl your age/height

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Well, unless you a trying to kill yourself it seems like there are no other options. You said you cannot do it on your own.

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The only problem is that most of my family (excluding my mom) and my friends don’t believe in eating disorders and would only give me a hard time about it and call me crazy and say that there is something wrong with me and give my mom the hardest time. Everyone in my real life except my mom is not supportive. :/

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Stop seeking attention making excuses and get treatment.

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@ducky_dnl I’m so sorry to hear that – but, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, there is something wrong with you. You have a very common eating disorder, in which you are not alone, and which you need to seek and receive treatment for. You’ve sought the treatment, you now recognise it’s time to receive it. So when your “friends” are being unsupportive, hold onto the fact that your Mom loves and supports you, people here love and support you, and the Doctors (who know far more than any of your friends) have diagnosed you and are also keen to support you. Any good friend would rather you were alive and in a treatment centre, than not here at all.

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I stand corrected, she’s 86 pounds. This needs to be taken care of NOW.

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Unsupportive people will be around you for the rest of your live, unfortunately. Learning how to move past them without letting them hold you back will be another valuable lesson you can learn from this. In the times we are in trouble, we learn who a true friends/family are. Please get some help and go to the treatment center. To hell with those that would kick you while you are already down.

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@ducky_dnl – I know it seems like an inconvenience to go to a treatment centre, but the people there are trained to deal with and help you treat your disease. That’s one thing to remember: anorexia is a disease. It’s not anything you did wrong, and it’s not your fault.

That being said, you need to get help. I’ve never had an eating disorder myself, but I have dealt with (and continue to deal with) depression and anxiety. Because of the nature of these diseases, they’re very difficult, if not impossible, to treat without outside help. Please get help from someone who’s trained to address your problems.

30 days is nothing compared to a lifetime.

Please help yourself to get healthy.

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To take from what @Seelix has just said, and to clarify mine, when I say there is something wrong with you, I mean it exactly as @Seelix put it – it is a disease and absolutely not anything you did wrong.

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Sweetie, go and get it sorted out. It seems impossible now but once you are on the road to recovery it will all go smoothly and I am sure you will be there to help and advise others when you are better. Don’t ask yourself any more questions, get up and go! 30 days will flow like water. Look how fast 2010 flew by, what are 30 days? 30 days are your new lease on life. All the very best to you and you WILL come out a winner!

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You clearly don’t see your body as other people see you. [Edit: As your body actually is.]

As @Seaofclouds mentioned, there will always be opposition. If you go to the treatment center, you will work on ways of dealing with that opposition.

You have a choice. You are fortunate enough to not be so engulfed in your disorder that you can’t recognize this is concerning. You have a couple of choices.

You can continue living as you are, until you aren’t lliving any more.

You can take this opportunity to regain your health and mental wellbeing. You can live a prosperous life despite this hurdle.

In all honesty, I think you want to go, but are scared. (Naturally.) I think you’re looking for a little anonymous reassurance that going to a treatment facility would be what other people would do. (I could be totally off-base.)

If the option were mine, I would take it. There are few life altering moments in a person’s lifetime, and I know this will be one for the better.

If you need to “get it out,” I have an ear I’m not using. :)

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Just think how sexy you’ll be once you gain 20 or 30 pounds. I’m serious, gaining weight in your case will make you sexier. It gave me great joy to feed a fashion model friend of mine decadant cakes and pastries. Skinny is sexy to me, but not underweight. Get healthy, go for treatment, stick with it. It’s ok if you take your time gaining the weight but don’t lose any more.

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It doesn’t matter what we would do. You already know what you should do, so do it.

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Sorry about this, but I thought that it could be a RED ALERT. Isn’t it a pity she didn’t make it?

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