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GUYS!! What are the "sure signs" your gal is PMS'ing?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) December 29th, 2010

(I am asking this on behalf of a friend doesn’t have internet access) ;)

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Lol, I’m a lass, so I apologise for answering, I just couldn’t leave it!

My first response would be: When your gal’s PMS’ing [as you put it], believe me you’ll know!!

I can give a little hint though for pre-PMS time… she will retain water a little more. Translation? Her boobs and tummy will get a little bigger! At this point, you’ve probably got about a week til she bites your head off ~

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A friend,eh?? XD
A good clue that I have PMS is that I give strangers on the street hugs and money.Yes,that is it ;)

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Once again—XD XD XD

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@harple My gal takes small bites and takes her time gnawing on my skull!
@lucillelucillelucille My friend says thanks! ;D

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There are no sure signs. Sometimes we just get pissed-off. Like now.

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As someone who sometimes suffers personality-changing PMS that is anything but fun (I sometimes seriously consider offing myself during, because it’s so awful), I really don’t find this question to be funny at all. I don’t get why guys either don’t believe it’s real, or think it’s really funny to poke fun at us over something we have no control over. Consider me a killjoy in this thread if you will, I just wanted to state my opinion.

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A good sign I’m about there is I get very emotional, I cry at the drop of a dime.

@MissAnthrope I used to have severe mood altering PMS like I could literally kill someone, Then I got the Mirena IUD and I guess the hormones in it, have cured me of that TOTALLY. It was a pleasant side effect if you ask me. Now I just cry, happy and sad tears!

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@MissAnthrope Amen. Not only that, but I hate to see PMS used as a way to write off legitimate anger from a woman. It’s like the old adage “If a man gets angry he must have a good reason, but if a woman does she’s just PMS-ing.”

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I am well past the age of pms and I still occasionally get in a foul mood and even lose my temper! Whatever shall we blame for my indelicate behavior. Even more puzzling is my husband who frequently gets cranky and difficult to deal with, do you think he has pms (he is over 70)?

I am with those who say this question sucks!

If a woman gets out of sorts, instead of checking her menstrual cycle, try observing what is happening with her job, husband, house payments, car not running properly, dog crapping in the living room because no one would walk it, etc. etc. etc. . Or, omg, maybe she got stuck in a traffic jam with all those idiot drivers on the road, and was late getting home to fix supper!

Granted it is pretty damned inconsiderate of her to allow such things to annoy and upset, but hey she’s only a female!

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Some women experience greater fatigue before their periods.

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Hmmmm…..I guess I should have addressed the Q to the Gals?!?

Thanks to all the ladies for their answers!! <<Blows kisses and GA’s all around! >>

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What @harple said is true but the time can be much shorter than a weeks warning.

Ladies react differently: happy, horney, silly, sad, angry, sick, sleepy, mad, moody. I think the notion of, “if a woman is angry it must be PMS,” is because generally & for the most part women have their shit together much more so then men do.

I also think men can in general fail to be sensitive to feelings.

Generalizations are deeply flawed, in their nature, in general.

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I don’t get mean, or cranky, or irritable. I do get weepy, though. I will cry over commercials. I also start craving meat (which I very rarely eat.) So, my husband knows if I ask for a hamburger that it’s about that time. haha.

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They hurt.

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@MissAnthrope @diavolobella Amen! And sorry you get the personality-changing stuff – me too, it’s the worst.

Having said that, if I become slightly suicidal out of freaking nowhere, but haven’t been depressed before, I won’t be offended if you ask me if I’m pmsing – since it’s serious emotion, I’ll assume you’re asking if you just need to be loving and comforting and understanding for the next 3 or 4 days, or if you need to start looking up more serious treatment for me.

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I’m a guy and I can get cranky, snippy and in a foul mood for no good reason. Am I “PMSing” or perhaps just human?

While I don’t doubt PMS is real (I have a wife after all), I sometimes think it’s an overused term men use to dismiss a woman’s mood.

Maybe she’s having a bad day. Maybe she doesn’t feel well or is underslept. Maybe you pissed her off.

I’d suggest asking her about her actions.

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Asking her if she is when she is.

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I have PMS and a gun…now what were you saying?

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Pissed off easily. I mean PISSED OFF. And, I have no edit button. Today is a bad day for me.

If you have a manbrow, I will do EVERYTHING in my power not to tell you.

That doesn’t happen often, but, when it does, it’s not fun. Like, for instance, my girlfriend and I were at a gay bar in Michigan last year. Raging, raging hormones and I was drinking. There was butch lesbian with Mom jeans (hiked up under her boobs) and a mullet. I was drunk and it took everything in me not to tell this woman that she looked ridiculous. “Cut yer mullet!”

My girlfriend thought that it was hilarious.

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@Jude I wish more of the women I know had your strength! ;) I hope your day mellows out!

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I just noticed @BoBo1946‘s answer, another sexist one making fun of women, he really had a thing about this sort of humor!

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