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Do you blame your parents for some of your unwanted habits?

Asked by kheredia (5561points) December 29th, 2010

Discipline, cleanliness, bad eating habits, guilt.. etc.. are these things you blame your parents for or do you consider these habits to be part of your personality?

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I’m not the world’s tidiest person… I don’t gravitate towards clearing up the kitchen for example… I think this came about because my parents were so supportive of my studies that they let me off from doing chores. As a result, I am someone who always works hard at everything I do, but who’s kitchen may be a bit of a mess! Do I blame them? No, not at all, I wouldn’t be where I am today without that support, and not being tidy is not the worst habit to have!

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I would love to blame my parents for alot of things but I am on my own with my less then lovely habits. Thanks for the!

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No. My brother is a slob…. Never cleans anything. I’m the total opposite. Go figure!

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No, my mom has all of the traits I do not, very organized, very clean home, hard worker, always has to be doing something. I have never been any of those things. The only thing I have in common with my father is that we are both quiet people, he doesn’t talk much but when he does you better listen.

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I blame my parents for a lot of things, like lacking social and conversational skills due to me not being allowed to socialise a lot . . . but when I really reflect on most things I realise that it wasn’t their fault.Most habits are like stains on a t shirt, with the right washing powder (if you can bother) and time they usually can be removed.Sure parents play a big part, but it is hugely on the person himself if he or she wants to sort it out or not. Peace Out. . . XX

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I blame them – to a very small extent – for some of my eating habits. Specifically, the “need” to finish all the food in front of me. Growing up, it was simply forbidden to leave food on one’s plate. “Think of all the starving children in China!!”. So now I more or less force myself to keep eating, even when I’m already full.

But honestly, I’m an adult, and my parents haven’t been in charge of my eating for over a decade. This is on me.

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no. once I was past the age of about 20 or so, my habits were mine. If it was something I learned earlier, it might have started from my parents, but they were mine to keep or discard.

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I “blame” my parents for my temper, sometimes too quick to raise my voice, and need to feel heard, which can drive people away. They also had a lot of inluence over my difficulty in staying organized and tidy at home.

But, blame is a harsh word. I think I get these things from them, from growing up in their house, but as an adult I work on them, and just think I can decide to be different, which has been reasonably successful.

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Its the whole nature vs nurture argument

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Ha! Of course not. Wouldn’t it be grand if I could blame my bad habits on my parents ;)

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Only when it’s their fault.

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I kind of think it’s my parents that I got teased when I was younger about the fact that I only took a bath once a week. My parents just didn’t think it was necessary to bathe more often than that at 8 or 9.

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@ChocolateReigns Now thay’s different. I’m referring to habits I have as an adult, which are naturally under my own control entirely.
I’m with you on the above
I could add a few more to the list ;)

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@stardust Yeah, I guess you’re right. But I blame them for the fact that I procrastinate showering. ;) But, then again, I know I’ll never want to get out of the shower after I’m finally in!

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I blame my dad for turning me into a careless hippy, and I blame my mom’s vile and hostile darkness for taking it all away.
But otherwise nah man, Ghost Riders in the Sky, bitches!

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