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How do I get food through the airport so I can give as gift once I land from La to Wisconsin?

Asked by kutelilkat (279points) December 29th, 2010

I want to bring 5 small sandwiches and 3 filled pastries on an LAX flight from LA to Wisconsin. I want to give them to my parents so they can try them when I arrive. How can I do this? Do I put them in my luggage in containers or baggies? Carry on?

I’ve never traveled before and I tried to find out but I’m still unsure.

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Food can usually pass the security checkpoints if you want to carry it on.

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Oh good, Thanks :) ! I have to make sure it fits in my 1 quart zip bag?

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There are no checks that I know of for food products on domestic flights within the USA, other than the normal checks that apply regarding carry-on luggage. (Kind of makes me cringe to use the word ‘normal’ in that sentence.)

If I were you I’d pack your food items in a checked bag and in a hard-sided container so they don’t get crushed. That way you won’t have to subject them to inspection as carry-on, and they won’t be confiscated because some idiot agent gets a hair crosswise.

If you were flying from overseas into the US, then a whole raft of rules certainly do apply regarding what may or may not be imported, but not on domestic flights.

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I agree that you should try to pack them carefully and put them in your checked luggage. Security is all kinds of insane about packing “liquids” and “gels” in your carry-on bag. They made me throw out a jar of peanut butter once.

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If possible freeze them, you never know how long you will be stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight.

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Food is fine to bring on domestic fllights.

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FYI – When we are coming back from Florida, we often carry sandwiches on the plane in a plastic shopping bag. We probably look like we are just off the boat at Ellis Island. The only time we had trouble was the time we were carrying a hothouse cucumber that didn’t show up well on the scanner.

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