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Do you take your pet in for a teeth cleaning and fillings?

Asked by Aster (19974points) December 29th, 2010

My bichon has awful breath so when she was spayed they cleaned her teeth and problem solved. Now years later the same problem. But I hear it’s $500 for a cleaning?? Is that right? In fact, I’ve read it can run $750! The reason is putting them to sleep first.
So, do you get your dog’s teeth cleaned? She isn’t interested in chew toys. Maybe they hurt her gums. I can’t brush them because she struggles away from me when I just LOOK at her teeth.

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Aster I had Spunky’s done approx 3 years ago, and it was a couple hundred dollars. But, I live in an area where the cost of living is one of the lowest. I’m not much help. You might googled it.

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I keep trying, but the vet keeps denying! lol

He doesn’t need it, but I get one free cleaning a year with my pet insurance.

Try raw bones or Greenies. They really do help.

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@Taciturnu how much is the insurance?

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$90/month. Covers 75% of everything except spay/neuter. (Which is an additional $6/month)

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Wow… that is high!

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I’m very happy with it. I’ve always outspent the amount I pay. When my baby attempted suicide a couple years ago, it was a saving grace.

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Wow… how did that happen?

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A combination of many circumstances. First, we never leave meds out. Second, we never leave our bedroom door open. Well, mu husband had a headache and opened a brand new bottle of ibuprofen, tooke two and left it by the bed. I was in a rush in the morning, and left the door open. I came home to two pills and some paste on my bed. He ate all the others! It was awful. I brought a client home, and had to pass her off to my co-worker friend mid-drive to the vet. (After I pumped him with hydrogen peroxide to make him puke.)

He was a million dollar miracle, though. Not a speck of kidney damage! (I don’t think I would have gotten over the guilt, either.)

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Dang… that is bizarre! I would not want to ever face that… I know you are like me.. i love Sadie as much as myself.

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@BoBo1946 I SO do.

@Aster Sorry, I think we hijacked your thread. :(

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@BoBo1946 Google is where I was Boggled with the $500=$750 price to clean. I hope I get more answers. If I don’t , I’ll assume it’s rare to get a dog’s teeth cleaned.
$90 a month pet insurance? EGADS !! Happy New Year, Boo.

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Happy New Years to you MsA!

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I used to take my pom’ to the vet every 6mos. for cleanings which were about $300. ea because they put him under. In the past 5yrs then I have a person come to me who works on his teeth while he’s awake and it’s $100. This person has a way with animals because he just lays still, doesn’t squirm or bug out his eyes. We like this way A LOT better.

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@Neizvestnaya Your dog allows someone to clean his teeth while he’s wide awake. Now I’ve heard everything!!

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@Aster: A coworker recommended this person to me and I didn’t believe in it at first. The person wrapped my dog in a towel like a papoose baby and then cradled him in the bundle between her knees. He was totally relaxed and submissive which had ME mesmerized to where I hovered the whole time, just in case. I wish everyone had a person like this for their pets in their city. He gets the whole treatment too, scraping, polishing, flossing, brushing.

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Yes, I have 2 bullmastiffs and a pit bull and only one of them have mouth issues, so I get his teeth cleaned. It’s about $475 for us, but if you have a pet you also have the responsibility of taking care of it.

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No. My dogs get their teeth checked at routine check-ups and they get teeth cleaning treats. I check their teeth myself on a regular basis and as long as their breath isn’t bad and their gums look fine I don’t worry too much.

Obviously if they had problems then I would pay to have them treated, I’m sure my insurance covers that if it costs me over £60.

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