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With what info and images (of any source) do you fill your mind on a daily basis?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) December 29th, 2010 from iPhone

On a typical day, what are you most likely to absorb into your mind, to ponder and incorporate into your mind/body/spirit?

What is the output of such input?

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Since all things are because of truth..
Therefore the things which I encounter
on a daily basis I look for the truth within it.

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The only daily constants in addition to the material world around me are whatever book I happen to be reading at night, whatever pops up in e-mail and fluther during the day, and whatever comes in from family members at home. During the academic quarter, there’s also input from my classes. And I rent a lot of Netflix.

When I go out, I hear NPR broadcasts in my car when I’m not listening to the classical station. A few times a week I glance at the front page of the newspaper; once in a while I look inside. I leaf through a newsmagazine once every few weeks and Harper’s Magazine once a month, and I read whatever is handy in doctors’ and dentists’ offices (which is where I usually catch up on pop culcha). When something big happens, I look at a news website online, such as MSNBC or BBC. I turn on the TV every 4 years for the Olympics and the presidential debates.

That’s pretty much it, aside from periodic outings to opera, theatre, and ballet. I’ve stored a lifetime of reading and academic study in my gray cells, and when I talk to people I talk to interesting people.

What’s the output? What you see here is pretty typical of it. My conversation and my writing are not so different from what I type in the fluther answer box.

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While many people seem content with life at face value, my thinking tends toward what lies beneath.

The output usually takes written form. If you don’t mind the effort, you can see some of it in my homepage blogs:

Creative output is my vent. I also compose music to place on sites such as and

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Funny images, fun images, picturesqe images, patriotic images, political images, and images which are beautiful or uplifting in some way. My theory is, “garbage in, garbage out.” : )

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Usually horror movies that I muse over shortly after I’ve seen them. They give me strength, and they make me live. Fuck the rest. :)

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The kids happy smiley faces, football…good or bad depending on the latest results &......well, Sex! I’m a man after all :¬)

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a lot of different mediums. I like to experience everything

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I like to listen to far left radio talk shows and far right radio talk. I wonder which is correct and where does the real truth lie. (HA)

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Good luck at sorting all THAT crap out! Heh!

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@CaptainHarley You are correct sir! It is a huge Charlie Foxtrot! What fascinates me about politics is that there are people out there that believe what they are told by some fools on the radio, TV, news paper or internet. What I have learned from all of the propaganda is to not trust any information from any source. It is sort of like watching professional wrestling. Lots of hype with campy substance. It can be entertaining but you had best not believe any of it. There is only so much of that that I can take and then I listen to some easy jazz or oldies music on my long commutes to and from work.

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Fortunately there are still a handfull of people in public life who tell the truth.

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