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What childhood dinner do you wish your children or grandchildren would eat or enjoy?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7785points) December 29th, 2010

For some reason, they just won’t eat the meatloaf, tuna casserole or the chicken ala king, but man, that was some good eating back in the day.

What retro or home-cooked dish have you tried to re-create, embellish, update or cook for the neo-fast-food family of chain restaurants dining, meals with toys and drive-ups?

What is the reaction? Who ends up eating it after all?

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Homemade mac and cheese, tuna casserole with dumplings, homemade beef pot pies – my mom was a great cook!

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@janbb yeah, that’s what i’m talking about! saw your earlier thread today on vegan stuff. nice question…

foodies gotta stick together!

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Fried Spam. You haven’t lived til you eat fried Spam.

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My mother used to make homemade Samosa. I miss thoughs.

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@Deja_vu there’s a place here in hyde park, chicago called “rajun cajun.” the samosas there are all the rage! see food section in “chicago tribune” today online for story on samosas!

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@chyna hey baby! yes, fried spam is so good! my grandmother used to hook it up for us when we were young and hungry. we had no clue what the meat was, but it was just rectangular, salty and good!

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And I would cover mine in ketchup. I really don’t want to know what the mystery meat is.

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Homemade hamburger helper, I don’t think my SO’s kids will eat it- I’m not sure if even my SO will eat it.

Browned & drained ground beef
Toasted elbow macaronis
1 can of pureed diced tomatoes
1 minced & sauteed onion
1 can of cut green beans
Salt & pepper
Enough water to just cover the whole in a skillet
Simmer for 35–40 minutes and serve with shredded cheese on top

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@Neizvestnaya oh my God yes! what the hell happened to hamburger helper meals? so satisfying. so comforting. so filling. challenge is how do we get our kids today to appreciate it?

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Fried chicken livers. I can’t make them, but my grandma sure can. I grew up loving them. I never would have even tried them if I knew what they really were before I knew how delicious the are.

Another thing is beets. Same as above, grew up eating and loving them. My daughter won’t touch them.

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@Supacase i absolutely love beets! pickled beets? Oh My God! love ‘em

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@charliecompany34: I’ll make it when it’s cold outside, there’s nowhere to go and the kids are very bored. They will enjoy the chewy heartiness and deliciousness that goes into a single bowl and can be scooped with a spoon as their frantic digits abuse the Xbox controllers. Someday years from now when they are on their own and hungry with few funds then they’ll contact me and ask me how to make that cool skillet glop from canned stuff they saw me throw together long ago.

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Good, old fashion, homemade pancakes, piled with butter and syrup, and fresh, butcher shop bacon.

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Liver & Onions.

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