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What bank in California has free checking and free ATM with no direct deposit or minimum balance requirement?

Asked by Kraigmo (9005points) December 29th, 2010

JPMorgan Chase Bank… that corrupt entity who helped engineer the financial crisis… is ending the free checking programs that were offered by the institutions it swallowed up.

Hundreds of thousands of Washington Mutual and other customers will now pay $120 a year for the “privilege” of letting Chase put their money in a checking account.

Now that Chase’s extreme corruption and lack of ethics will affect my bank balance… what bank in California should I go to?

It must offer free checking tied to an ATM card with a Visa or Mastercard logo.

If you are a Chase checking customer… you better read that fat letter they mailed you last month, in its entirety.

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If you dont mind not having access to a live person and doing all your banking online, I really like INGdirect and Ally

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@mrlaconic, when you use those banks, how does the ATM work? Does it have a Visa or Mastercard logo so I can use it where credit cards are accepted (like renting a car, etc). ?

When you need cash and have to use a physical ATM (from another bank), how much is the fee?

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For Ally:

$0 monthly fee
$0 to open and no minimum balance
Free Online banking and Bill Pay
Free Debit MasterCard®, checks and unlimited check writing
Save time and money—get cash back when you shop
No ATM fees at any ATM
Variable rate account where balances $15,000 or more get an even higher rate
Free balance alerts
FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law. Maximize your coverage


Check This Page the info is a little harder to copy because of how the site is layed out.

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@mrlaconic , thanks! I’m probably going with one of those two.

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@Kraigmo Remember the ATM charge is from the bank you are withdrawing the money from at the ATM.
Not likely you will find a “Free Withdrawal” from BoA or Citi . . . .

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@Tropical_Willie Our account with E*Trade reimburses us for any fees charged by the bank ATM.

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@YARNLADY Great, did not know that.

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Find a Credit Union. Mine (I’m in Oregon and use Portland Teachers Credit Union) has free checking and no minimum. And all the credit unions are on the same network. While they only have a few physical branches I can make free withdrawals or deposits at any credit union. And the support is amazing. You almost instantly talk to a real person that will fix any problem.

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US Bank is still offering what we old WAMU customers had.
I was really ticked that they yanked our accounts like that. Jerks.

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