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What is your favorite torrent program?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) December 29th, 2010

I was just wondering what people out there like to use as their torrent program. I personally think uTorrent is the best, I like the interface and it is asthetically pleasing. What is your favorite program, and why?

I am also wondering, what do you look for in a program in general. Fuctionality over ease of use? Looks over features?

If you too use utorrent one thing I noticed is that it lacks a history function, so I made my own program to help out.

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I use BitTorrent! It’s awesome!

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Why do you prefer it over other programs? What appeals to you about it?

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i just find it easy, it can keep history and i can assign priority to files when a torrent has more than one file.

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Cool. Like I mentioned one thing missing from utorrent is a history function. I am glad that it didn’t have it though, because I had a lot of fun making my program.

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I use the WebUI of Transmission running on a very fast dedicated server in France. I can download a 350Meg file in about 20 seconds. And it is always on and uploading so I keep insane ratios. Then I grab the file from the server with FTP. That way my ISP is happy since I never actually upload data from my computer.

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Crap! Is it a personal server or something?

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@XOIIO – Yes. It is sitting in a data center in France. I had to install the OS (CentOS) and all the software for it to run. It costs about 50 per month. But it is worth it.

Instructions are here. But don’t use the host they reccommend if it is a route you are considering.

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Shit, that’s crazy! I was gonna buy an xp machine and have that just run 24\7 for my torrent needs. You must torrent a lot!

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I prefer the GUI of BitComet.

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Isohunt and transmission.

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