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What's the coolest horror movie mask ever?

Asked by Berserker (33524points) December 30th, 2010

Lots of horror movies have the killers wearing masks, especially slashers. Leatherface, Jason, Plasterhead, Ghost Face, and of course, my eternal hero, Michael Myers…a very simple question, what horror movie mask do you love the best?

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I can’t pick one…

1— Jason

Horror psycho killer wanna-be


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Jason hands down. My son has a replica he wears at Halloween…..feel the fuckin irony! Who would have thought it’d take a maniacal chemically imbalanced slasher dude to make hockey interesting :¬)

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Hockey masks rule!

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Leather Face was just wrong!

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The original cutie pie
He’s just so adorable:D

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Michael Myers. Come on, it’s a halloween mask of William Shatner!

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It’s not horror, but this mask was always creepy to me.

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Leatherface 0_0

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Captain Kirk takes first prize with the Michael Myers Halloween Mask. Colorless, expressionless….its awesome.

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@ucme Lmao. XD

@jlelandg Haha yeah, and the way that kid laughs in the movie is creepy, too.

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I would have to go with Micheal Myers too. That mask made hairs stand up for years

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^^ Hellraiser one of the scariest freakiest horror movies out there. Pinhead looks like a right deranged prick…...see what I did th…oh never mind. “Puzzle box for Xmas sir?” Err, fuck that for a game of soldiers!! :¬(

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@ucme I agree. I first saw it years and years ago and it is the horror movie I remember the most.

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@tranquilsea Yeah, low on budget big on shocks. Truly creepy shit that stays with you in your sleep, well…...only if you let it :¬)

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@ucme Except…I can’t control what gets to me in my sleep. I do remember that one being bad. Especially the scene where that guy gets pulled apart by hooks. That was a “cover my eyes with my hands” moment.

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Jason, defenitely Jason Voorhees.

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