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How to take good care of my hair?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 30th, 2010

How to take good hair of ones hair?
How to take good care of ones hair?
How often should I use shampoo?
What kind of shampoo should I use?
Should I apply hair oil everyday?
Which hair oil is good for growing long hair? Almond oil or gooseberry (‘Amla’) oil or mustard oil or some other?
How often should I comb my hair?
I guess i have started losing some hair on sides of my forehead,what should I do? What could i possibly have done wrong? I am just 19 year old.

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Start with a good healthy diet. Often vitamin deficencies can lead to hair loss. I don’t know what is recommended because a lot depends on the type of hair you have. My hair tends to be oily so I don’t usually use hair conditioner. You should brush your hair regularly to get the natural oils all over your hair. I usually shampoo once every 3rd day. If I have the time I let it air dry or use a blow dryer at low setting. For my ends I use vo5 conditoner in the tube and apply it on the ends of my hair. Just a dab on the palm of my hair and then I run it over the ends and brush. (not the one for in the shower)
I also regularly massage my scalp at least once a day.
Zinc shampoos and zinc vitamins will help with healthy hair. Also B vitamins and E.
You don’t want to overwash your hair. It will make it brittle.

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Hair loss from the sides of your head is probably genetic and you can do nothing about it.

Wash your hair at least every other day with shampoo. Consider using conditioner.

It is unnecessary to oil your hair.

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Yes, healthy hair is usually, aside from certain genetics, based on ones overall health.

I follow @Pandora ‘s routine pretty closely.

I wash my hair every other day,unless I have engaged in some sort of sweat producing exercise.
I shampoo my bangs daily though and blowdry.

I also put my hair in a pony tail at bedtime so it is not mashed and tangled all night long. lol

A boar bristle brush is a nice finish to shine and stimulate the scalp and spread natural oils accordingly.

I too use a bit of extra conditioner or moisturizing product on my ends, such as ‘Bedhead’ or ‘Citri-shine.’

At 51 I have very nice, shoulder length, soft hair, with no thinning and only a few strands of gray.

You can also do a deep conditioning by leaving conditioner in for an hour or longer and wrapping your head in a plastic bag. I do this sometimes, but not often.

I have never had an oily constitution so I can get away with the every other day washing routine.

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@Coloma what kind of conditioner should i use? and why to use conditioner,what is it for ? is it the same as skin conditioners? hehe sorry i don’t know about this stuff.
And why wrap my head in a plastic bag?

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Conditioner conditions. lol
It will de-tangle, make your hair softer, less frizzy, less dry, and helps protect the hair against heat damage from the blowdryer.

The plastic bag will keep the conditioner from being messy and dripping off your hair when you do a deep conditioning.

I’d leave it on for 30 minutes or so, go sit in the sun or something.

This is really not necessary, but, something you can do once in awhile.

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I know this is stating the obvious here but the plastic bag goes around your hairline on your head and no where near your face honey. I know it sounds silly and obvious but you never can be sure on the internet.

I shampoo and condition every other day, I’ve found that if I wash it too often it looks “greasy” ick! Also if you are pulling your hair into a ponytail, be careful you’‘re not dragging your hair towards the back of your head too tightly (away from the sides) because over time this can cause hair loss at the sides.
hugs xx

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@bunnygrl I already lost them on my sides :( ....any way I could get them back?

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@gamefu91 not sure honey, I lost the hair ( both sides but more on the left side than the right oddly enough) from doing the same thing for so many years. I always had very, very long hair (I could sit on my hair when i brushed it out) and because I always wore it pulled back into a very tight pony tail which was then braided and pinned up, I ended up with my hair receding. My Gran used to call that a “widow’s peak” where that saying came from I have no idea. Maybe following some of the suggestions above from some of our fellow jellies will help?
hugs honey xx

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