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Which polar end is the least healthy body type for women?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 30th, 2010

You solve the debate, as impartial judges there is the long running debate over the size of “real women’s”. There is the scientific size to weight benchmark and as far as health and aesthetics go we have in the US two polar opposites (the debate on which is worse or unhealthier) Would you want to be in ‘H’,,

Would you rather be in
Group ‘L’,

If there were just these 2 polar ends which choice would you make for you? If you can’t make a choice don’t add one not available. When making the choice you make consider everything health, mobility, aesthetics, etc. I would hope you can be honest no one will hurl rotten fruit at you or throw a drink in your face because you chose an end. It is a simple question if you had to be in either of just these 2 groups which one would it be, and why? Because of mobility, better health than the other, etc. For guys which end would you want your SO to be in either end was your only choice?

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Pictures #2 and #3 L don’t work.

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The first two photos are the same, and yes, @DrasticDreamer is right, #2 & #3 L don’t work at all.

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Buggy links but maybe this t it.

Pic #2 Group ‘L’

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Sorry #2 just won’t work for some reason.

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Pics are still not working. Pic2 group H and Pic2 group L and pic 3 group L are not working.
So of the 3 that do work, my vote is none above.

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Pic #2 in group ‘H’ end up being the same as #1 but #3 works from this end with my bowser IE8, #2of group ‘L’ just won’t go no matter what, but if you use the link in the answers and not the OQ it works, at least from here. In any case it should give an indication as to the make up of the 2 groups.

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So our choice is to be emaciated or morbidly obese (if I’m following the links and questions right).

Considering both come with some pretty crappy health risks, I’d probably go with being way too skinny because I think it has a few less risks than being morbidly obese.

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As we age, especially women, some extra fat on ones body is healthier.

With the increased risk of thinning bones and falls some extra padding is healthy.

Most frail elderly have a much worse time of things if they fall or become ill while in an underweight condition.

I am not talking obesity here, but, an extra 20 lbs. is healthier as we advance in age.

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I think the risks are about equal.

Obesity lends itself to heart conditions and diabetes, etc.

BUT…being anorexic leads to cardiac arrest as well, lowered immunity, fractures, and, if one becomes very ill and loses even more weight, not good at all.

An overweight cancer patient that loses 40 lbs. during chemo is going to fare better than their anorexic counterpart.

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I know this will get me modded, but I’d just like to say that questions like this piss me off. It is this kind of nitpicking, extremist, polarizing type of viewpoint on the female figure that is so destructive to the mental health of women all over the world. Not everything is as simple as “fat” or “thin.” What is better for one person may not be better for another. Personally, I find laying these two options out there as the only choices, even if it is hypothetical, is a little bit messed up in and of itself. Neither option is necessarily a healthy (mental, emotional, or physical) goal for most women.

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@Coloma Very true, I wasn’t thinking being super skinny automatically meant anorexic though. I know some women that are really, really skinny and eat like a horse. They aren’t malnorished at all, so I was thinking more about that and the dangers of the excess weight on our bones and joints in addition to the risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc in morbidly obese people. If you count the malnourishment and electrolyte imbalances of anorexia (which I wasn’t in my first answer), I’d rather be obese.

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Yep, as @TheOnlyNeffie said, everyone is so different, there can be healthy thin and healthy fat depending on the individuals makeup.

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I’d be in the second group, but that’s because I was in that body type for most of my childhood. I’ve never had an eating disorder or anything, but because of a super-fast metabolism, I didn’t hit a hundred pounds until mid high school.
So, I guess I’d pick the second group because I’m sort of already in it. I don’t think that it’s necessarily more aesthetically pleasing, though.
I kind of agree with @TheOnlyNeffie here, having two extremes seems a little funky when hardly anyone is like that, and it’s well, extreme to have just these two.

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Personally, I find laying these two options out there as the only choices, even if it is hypothetical, is a little bit messed up in and of itself. Neither option is necessarily a healthy (mental, emotional, or physical) goal for most women. We all know there are more choices than that. There are women on both of the polar ends who greatly by choice either care to be there or don’t care that they are there. If the choice was the polar ends or the middle somewhere it would not take much to imagine most would be in the middle. That would be as easy as asking a bunch of 6yr old which would they rather have, the plate of okra or the plate of apple crumb cakes? I certainly am not saying either of the polar ends is healthy because they both are not. Each has attributes that can take you out. Overall taking everything into account, how one would fit in small cars, booths at restaurants, stair climb, clothes shop, etc. on top of the health if one had the either or pole which one would a person care to end up on was the simple question about that.

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