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How to stop a dog from chewing on cords?

Asked by scubydoo (751points) April 9th, 2008

As i’m sitting here surfing Fluther, I look down and what do I see? My dog, chewing on the cord that goes to my monitor.. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) (sorry it’s 4:15am and I want to scream, lol) but seriously, he has this habbit of chewing on cords. He has chew toys and stuff but still he seems to like electrical cords and other wires (such as a pair of Bose headphones)..... Does anyone have any good remedies to stop him? He’s a little over a year old. I’m not sure of his type of dog, sorry, hes mixed.

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You could try the old newspaper trick.

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Once they chew through and get electrocuted, that pretty much ends it.

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My kitten does this. Her vet suggested I buy a product called Bitter Yuck (called Bitter Apple in other markets). She also suggested a cheaper route – wet a bar of soap and soap up the cord. It leaves an untasty, harmless film on the cable.

I went the soap route, and she leaves cords alone.

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rub texas pete or tabasco sauce on it, when he/she goes to bite at the cord their tongue will get quite a surprise

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I’ve done the hot sauce/tabasco method – the tabasco gets old and spoils on the cable, and has to be washed. Not only that, but the pepper oxidizes and loses its effect.

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Plug it in and see if the dog will continue afterwards….LoL

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They have that bitter apple spray they sell at pet stores.. I’m sure you’ll have to re-apply it every now and again but its a training method… They’ll eventually learn and stop.

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Hide as much of the cord as possible. If you can, use the old cardboard cores from paper towel rolls. You can either have several running back to back on a long stretch of cord, or you can fold the cord into just one. For stretches exposed cord which are too short, try taping pieces of unwrapped unchewed Stride spearmint gum onto the cord itself. [It smells really strong] My dog hates spearmint. Good luck!

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I have two Huskies who chew EVERYTHING! We have our house “husky proof”. Nothing is accessible to them :-)

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move the cords!

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there is a spray thing called YUCK! Spray. I’ll post a link or something a little later. It will keep pets from chewing on stuff.

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I have used the bitter apple sprays for cat and dog issues. I find it useless. My dogs still found themselves nose deep in our kitchen wall, base! They thought it nice seasoning for drywall! The cats? They cant’ be bothered with such nonsense.

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@loser. the cords are moved as much as I can possibly hide them.. It’s just my dog ‘Buddy’ still finds a way to get to them.

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Cords are easy to repair and cheap to replace. If you’re so concerned about them, get rid of your dog.

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Move the cords out of the dogs reach, move the dog, or get rid of the dog.

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I’m having the same problem – my five-year old dog has gone suddenly gone computer cord crazy! So far I’ve replaced my computer speakers, my monitor cord twice, my mouse twice (I went with cordless) and my keyboard three times. Tomorrow I have go get a new USB port cord for my printer. Tonight I’m going to buy some cord covers and chew toys. I can’t figure out how she hasn’t been shocked – some of the cords were completely chewed apart. I’ve tried the Bitter Yuck, and then caught my dog chewing again within 15 minutes. All of the Behaviorists on the web seem to take a positive discipline approach and try to teach dogs to chew on “their” toys through praise and reward. A firm “no” and redirection to her own toys are all they recommend when catching her in the act. They say that you can’t (and apparently shouldn’t want to) stop the chewing – just redirect it to ok stuff. I’ll let you know if this works and I get it under control.

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