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What are the easiest ways to lose weight at home?

Asked by t3qn0loqiiic (57points) December 30th, 2010

What are the easiest ways to lose weight at home?
So situps- which are good for..?- stomach fat or arms?
What can i do to lose arm fat-gain a flat stomach… and lose weight in general. I understand the diet that i should be following which i am- but i merely need help in the exercise section.
Thanks for the help.

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Easiest but healthy? Or just easiest?

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I eat healthy, walk a lot, and do exercises such as pushups, situps, toeups, and half knee bents.

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A good healthy diet that is tailored to help you get the nutrition you need and no more plus at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. A brisk walk each day is enough to help you shed the pounds you want to lose but if you are really serious of getting 6 pack abs, you will need at least 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and a very strict diet. Good luck with your New Years resolutions!

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Start walking. Everywhere.

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If you like dancing, than just dance the fat away. Best way to lose weight is do anything that is aerobic and gives you a good cardio work out. Dancing will work on your largest muscles without putting on too much bulk and increase your metabolism, which in time will burn more calories and melt fat away. Your body will shape up where it needs too. The more fun you have with it the more likely you will stay with it.
Of course a healthy diet will get you there more quickly. Best of luck.

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Forget easy. Forget quick. Take a serious approach. And this requires discipline and patience.

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If you want to tone up at hopme, get some good exercise DVDs and weights and do strength training exercises at home in addition to an aerobic program such as walking or running.

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If you have stairs, run up and down continuously about 10 times (daily). Great for cardio and muscular.

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To lose weight you need to exercise and eat less. That applies at home and anywhere else, like a gym. You’ve said that you already have the food part down, so I’ll just say that you need to eat a reasonable quantity of healthy foods during the day – portion size is important because the portions you generally see at restaurants are far larger that what an actual portion size is. For instance, an actual portion of chicken breast or steak would be about the size of a deck of cards.

As far as exercise goes, you can try working out with DVDs, which is what I do. You can find a huge variety to try (Kickboxing, Pilates, Aerobics, Weight Training, Circuit Training, Yoga, Dance, etc.) until you find something that clicks for you. I also run on my treadmill on alternate days. You will need cardio to lose weight, but you will also want to incorporate weight bearing exercise, otherwise you will not only lose fat, but muscle too. Also remember that your weight might not go down immediately because muscle weighs more than fat. For that reason, ignore the scale, and pay attention to your clothing sizes and inches instead.

Sit up and ab crunches will only firm your ab MUSCLES. You cannot spot reduce fat, so until you lose weight you might have a six pack, but it will continue to be concealed by a layer of excess body fat. The only way to lose body fat is through cardio/aerobic exercise and you will generally lose it first in the last place you gained it (First hired, last fired). Don’t be in a rush. Weight lost slowly and methodically through sound eating practices and regular exercise is less likely to be regained than weight lost through a crash diet and tortuous boot camp routine. Keep a calendar and write down the workouts you do. I find that keeps me on track. Also incorporate rest days, even though some times you might feel you should work out every day. Don’t do that. Your body needs time to rest and recover or you will stop seeing results (overtraining).

Here are two great sources for workout DVDs:

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Look in the food pyramid
and don’t forget the excerise part.. also, by just walking about 2 miles a day can help you boost things up, such as your metabolism. i have a very high metabolism and i try to eat healthy as possible. it helps you live longer and healthier.

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Wear small (1 pound) arm weights. See if you can last all day. That burns more calories than you’d expect.

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Stop eating so much. Also, If you feel like going on the computer, go for a walk or a jog first. Even standing burns more calories than sitting, staring at a screen. As @mattbrowne suggests, losing weight fast and easy aren’t good strategies. You will get worn out. People lose weight because they burn more calories than they consume. So, instead of killing yourself working out, focus on eating less food, and eating healthier. And, don’t sit around if you don’t need to. Stand up, walk around, stay active if you can.

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Try running and changing your diet. Eat more low fat foods. Running is an excellent way of loosing body fat. Get a treadmill or a gym bicycle.

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If you want fat to melt away start running. Slowly build in some weight bearing exercises.

Eat smaller meals and eat most things in moderation.

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Being fit is not a program. It is a style of living. There is no “program”. There is only a way of acting out your life. All weight management is nothing more than exercise and calorie intake. Both are essential. There is no weight control without exercise and calorie management. It is do-able and fun as well. You simply have to accept it as true. Check out @tranquilsea

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