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What are your feelings about Fox New's Tucker Carlson saying, "Michael Vick should have executed?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) December 30th, 2010

Also, Tucker said he was Christian and believed in “second chances!”
As everyone knows, several members here have strong opinions about Michael Vick, but is this not, “over the top?”

What do you think?

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Well, I guess that makes him a pinko communist far left extremist animal rights activist lunatic, eh?
I am sure he would not have said that if it was 50 cats and not 50 filthy dogs.

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Yes, it is over the top, but then it is Fox news.

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It’s totally over the top. I read this yesterday and thought, “Are you freaking KIDDING ME?” What part of being a Christian makes it ok to say that people should be killed? This is really ignorant if you ask me.

They really should change the name of that station to FOX Opinion, not Fox NEWS.

I am not one for the death penalty, but seriously – death row executions are usually serial killers who have killed many PEOPLE. WTF, DUDE?

I do think it may have been somewhat racially motivated

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Cable News should be executed. All the networks will have some decent news from time to time, and the opinions can be good too, but the shrill thats especially on Fox and MSNBC can get old sometimes.

Specifically on Carlson, I don’t know much about the dude, but it sounds like he has stuck his foot in his mouth so far he’s got toes coming from his backside. It’s not our place to decide who gets executed and who doesn’t. (Mr. Carlson DEFINITELY does not deserve a say on this issue-and thats no comment for or against Vick).

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I don’t follow the news on Vick much, but my understanding is that he was abusive to animals. He was heavily involved in dog fighting, and that’s abuse. Yes he killed dogs too.

There is a link between abuse of animals and abuse of human beings. Maybe he should have done more time than 2 years, but that’s what the courts allowed. The guy is being watched so carefully I doubt he’ll never get to use animals in that way again, and hopefully he doesn’t abuse people, but that’s yet to be proven.

However, should he have been put to death? Naw.

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I am a Christian, and Tucker Carlson embarasses me.
On the other hand, I think Michael Vick should be banned from pro sports.

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Although I hate what Michael Vick did, executing him is over the top as is Tucker Carlson and Fox Views News.

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Of all the hate for Fox, the Fox Views is the most rational I’ve heard. Congrats to @chyna

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For Tucker to say that Vick should be executed for abusing dogs is ridiculous! Perhaps Tucker should apologise for these inappropriate and insensitive words.

Vick committed a heinous crime against those animals and quite rightly he was imprisoned for this. Maybe he should have served a longer sentence, who knows?

Maybe Vick has seen the error of his ways and is trying to make amends, however I still believe he should never be allowed to own a dog, not as punishment, but for the safety of any potential dog he may own in the future.

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@filmfann I am not sure I agree he should be banned from sports. I am horrified by what this man did, but football is his job.

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I think news anchors should stick to reporting the news, and do so as dispassionately as possible. If they have an opinion such as this and can’t keep it to themselves, they shouldn’t be a news anchor, they should be a talk show host or something. Save the grandstanding and saber rattling for your private time. On a news channel I want the facts, not opinions. I’m capable of taking the facts and arriving at my own opinion without assistance.

P.S. Michael Vick is an ass who shouldn’t have a career. That is my opinion. I’m not a news anchor. LOL

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@chyna Fox Views….............I like that!!

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The thing is, Tucker Carlson only said it for political reasons. Remember the Fox News credo: “if a Democrat does it, it’s wrong.” Obama says Vick deserves a second chance, therefore Fox News is committed to the view that he doesn’t deserve one. But simply disagreeing isn’t extreme enough—Carlson was filling in for Hannity, after all—so it must be that Vick should have been executed.

It’s a simple calculation once you’ve already decided to forgo reason entirely in favor of predetermined conclusions.

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This is the issue you have with a Fox News person? They say insane over the top shit all the time!

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While I believe that what Vick did to those poor animals is atrocious and that he should have served a lot more jail time, I feel the same way about Sarah Palin shooting that defenseless caribou on her show.

I’m sure Carlson would disagree and I wonder what spin he’d use to provide an excuse for Palin.

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The concept underlying dogfighting could be redeemed if, instead of dogs, the contestants were Fox loonies—they’re far more viscious than the most abused pitbulls.

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i think castration is in order!

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@BoBo1946: Isn’t it “MIchael Vicks should have been executed?

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