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Will you please tell me about your infomercial product experiences?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) December 30th, 2010

Have you ever purchased a product from an infomercial? Could you not resist the siren song of the Slap Chop? What sort of product did you buy, what made you decide you needed it have it, do you still use it and, overall, were you satisfied with your purchase?

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What would you like to know about the spray paint for bald spots my mother tried on the back my dad’s head? XD XD XD Stunning,I tell ya! Stunning!

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@lucillelucillelucille When I was in the musical “Guys & Dolls” I had to spray the back of the head of the guy who played Skye Masterson with that stuff before every performance! LOL

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@diavolobella – Did you ever use any festive stencils? XD

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I got a Clapper (clap on clap off) as a Christmas gift a long time ago and soon found out they put on an awesome light show when you play really loud music!

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OxyClean does not work.

RIP Billy.

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I’ve used plenty of things bought through infomercials, and they’ve all worked fine (even the Oxy Clean!)

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I bought the Makin’ Bacon bacon microwave tray. It wasn’t really any easier or faster than cooking it in a pan and it was sort of a pain to use. I eventually threw it away.

I had The Firm Body Sculpting Systems (1 and 2), but in the interest of disclosure, I got them because I was a participant in those infomercials. And yes, they worked GREAT. I was chosen for the infomercials because I was a long time user and fan of their workouts. I still use them, but I’ve moved on to other types of workouts that I use more often now.

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We bought one of those sandwich grillers. After we got it we realized there was NO temp control, no on-off button, nothing. It was plugged in, it was on, period. Fire hazard!!

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@Dutchess_III Good lord! My Foreman Grill is like that, but I only plug it in when I’m ready to use it.

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My concern was…what if, for some reason, I forgot about it? And it doesn’t have any kind of switch off timer or anything!

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There was the great ThighMaster disaster of ‘95 when the thing sprung out from between mom’s spandex-clad legs, flew across the room and concussed the dog…

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@Blueroses Am I a terrible person because I snorted real hard when I read that.

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From most recent; pillow pet, folding couch table, bullet food processor, door handle exerciser. I did not order any of these from the TV, but bought from “as seen on TV” display at the local pharmacy, except the pillow pet, which I bought from a vendor at the State Fair.

P. S. The pillow pet I bought is significantly bigger than the ones on sale at Wal Mart, for the same price.

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@blueroses That is hillarious!

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@Blueroses priceless! Yes, I’ve been sucked in a few times. Mighty Putty did not work, Slapchop was stupid, Graty even worse. I hooted when I saw the eggshell cracking tool. Wonder how many people got that for Christmas.

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@faye I had to send the ad link for that egg cracker to my euro friend who was astounded at what Americans will buy! You’d think cracking an egg without it would require a specialized Applied Science degree. Hilarious!”

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I bought the shoes under organizer but it just lay there like limp noodles. There were no cardboard inserts to hold it up. Because of this, I’m very wary of buying anything else I’ve seen on tv.

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