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Do you love your hair? How important is it that you do?

Asked by phaedryx (6132points) December 30th, 2010

This question is inspired by a Sesame Street video:

What significance is placed on hair by our society? Is “white” hair seen as “good hair” and “black” hair seen as “bad hair”?

Is this an important message for kids? for adults? Do we see the message anywhere else?

Any other thoughts?

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I love my hair, Hair can help you express who you are actually. like a ponytail could signal that that person is sporty. some people prefer short and others long. some are curly others are straight. so many different types….

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These Sesame Street characters may love their hair and good luck to them but it looks glued on to me.

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When I was growing up, I had very short hair, and was frequently mistaken by strangers for a boy… I swore that when I left school I would grow it and become “beautiful”... (I didn’t want to do it whilst at school as I felt I would be teased mercilessly.) I used to wrap a towel round my head and pretend I had long flowing locks….

As soon as I finished school (at 18 – uk) and went to uni, I started to grow it, and have never looked back since! Am I beautiful? Who knows! But I feel beautiful and I feel feminine.

Don’t confuse this with me thinking that short hair on women is wrong – far from it! I loved Winona Rider’s hair when she had it short for example! It’s just that I had either a particularly boyish hair cut, or that I looked particularly boyish with my hair cut that way.

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@harple same thing happened to me. and all of us is beautiful :]

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yay, I was hoping for an answer by Facade

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I love my hair. It’s long and red, and I love the way it feels on my back.

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Ahem… Yes, I do. I used to hate it because of the commonality of self-hate among Black people. I was always told that dark skin and nappy hair was ugly, and I believed that. But one day, for a reason that slips my mind, I realized that I don’t need to damage and berate my hair into being something it’s not. Kinky, curly hair (along with all other kinds) is beautiful, and I’m 99% sure I’ll never straighten it again.
I should add that it is extremely important for encouragement like this to exist.

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The message is just about self-acceptance.
I am fine with my hair :) When I am not giving myself bald spots

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I love my hair. I used to wish it was thicker or curlier, but I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is. It’s long, stick straight, silky and super duper soft. It also smells good. LOL Like @Trillian I also like the way it feels on my back. I like it when it’s short too, but it feels more sensuous to me when it’s really long. It is reasonably cooperative and will take a curl when the mood hits me, but mostly I just let it do its thing. If there is any complaint, I wish I didn’t have quite such a cowlick in the front, because it makes my bangs sweep to the side instead of sitting nicely in front.

I’ve never thought this much about my hair before

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I love my hair, I wear it shoulder length or slightly below and it is thick, shiney, healthy.
At 51 ( also blonde ) I have virtually zero gray, a few strands here and there.

Yes, I enjoy having nice hair but I havn’t built an identity around my physical appearance either. Hair today, gone tomorrow. haha

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@diavolobella Your last comment made me think of how you’d never run into a black person who would say they were “fine” with their hair. They’d either love it or hate it.

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I have no strong feelings about my hair other than I like to change it a lot. When my hair was dreaded, I loved my dreads, it was more me. People do place emphasis on hair like they do on the rest of appearance and yes white hair is preferred and black hair is seen as less preferred in the corporate world, at least. That’s not a surprise to anyone, is it?

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I have a love hate thing. On good days my hair is a shiny glittering river flowing down to my waist. On bad days it’s a frizzy mess that I wind up in a knot on top of my head. oh well

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’m not surprised. Ignorance is contagious. Btw, I saw your dreads on facebook =)

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I was once told I was in the wrong bathroom because of my hair length. And was confused for the opposite sex many times.

Some people like my hair long and some people like it short. I can’t decide.

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@Facade I’ve talked about hair before with several black friends and they’ve essentially said just what you did. I think that’s a shame. One of them straightens her hair almost every day, but occasionally will wear it naturally and I think it’s so beautiful when she does. The other friend is an actress who was one of the stars of an NBC show last fall which unfortunately was not picked up for a second season. In the pilot and through the first episodes they kept messing with her hair and messing with her hair trying all these styles that looked horrible. It drove her crazy. Finally, they just let her wear it naturally, which is what she did in real life and it was fabulous. I didn’t like the message they sent her or their audience dickering around with her hair like that. Thank goodness they finally realized her hair was naturally beautiful.

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I’d love my hair but the top has left me for another, I think. It’s hair, it’s what you were dealt, there’s no good or bad.

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I am in like with my hair now after disliking it most of my life, because it was too fine.

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I hate my hair…It won’t stop growing…

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@diavolobella I can imagine that it’s very difficult to be a person with very curly hair who is in the public eye. I did my first professional photo shoot last month, and the stylist there said this when he saw me: “What is this?! is this natural? Ugh, ok, come on…” Asshole. He was a gay, black man who had a texturizer even though he was balding! People kill me sometimes…

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@Facade How did you not throttle him?

This is when they kept messing with my friend’s hair. I’m not even sure this is her hair, it may be a wig:

And this is her absolutely beautiful hair that didn’t need any help:

How they could think for a minute that the first hairstyle was necessary is a mystery to me.

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@diavolobella I tried my best to behave. That lady looks very familiar, and yes, her hair is gorgeous! I think they just pressed the hell out of it to get it that straight. Her face says it all…
@noelleptc Lol, yea, it takes a long time, but it’s worth it. Plus, most stylists have no idea what to do with very curly hair, so kudos!

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@Facade Her name is Jaime Lee Kirchner. She was on “Mercy” on NBC and has been on Dollhouse, done some movies, lots of commercials and played Mimi in “Rent” on Broadway, among many other projects. I’ve known her since she was a little kid and she’s a lovely, talented person.

I would have shoved a hairbrush up that guy’s nose.

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At this point, no, I don’t love my hair, but It all depends on circumstance(s) – (and the day!)
—I love my daughter’s hair though; It’s like cornsilk. The media seems to put emphasis on everything, and people gobble it up!

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Milo here; How could I not love my hair?

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I love my hair. It’s been all different lengths and styles and colours… changing it up is a way to keep things interesting.
Thanks to my dad’s genes, I have quite a few grays at 30, but I don’t really care. My hair hasn’t been its natural colour for close to 15 years anyway.

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I love my hair. :) I’ve had many different styles in the past, but for the most part, I’ve kept it short. I love being blond and I love that it’s straight so it can look good short and so I can gel it up in the front like I did all the time back in middle school. :)

My parents would always make fun of me whenever I said I had to “fix my hair” in the morning because they’d be like ”what hair?”. lol. But I do pay attention to it and try to make it look nice, no matter how short it is.

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I have always liked my hair, but I am clueless about looks, so I don’t stay in style as they call it. The worst time was a couple of years ago, a severe allergic reaction to some medication caused half of my hair to fall out and the rest turned completely white. It really took me some time to get used to it.

Now it’s growing back, and parts of my hair is turning back to a dark color. I look like Cruella DeVil.

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I always felt awful that my aunt hated her hair. She has kinky hair and always covered it with a straight wig.

Some of my hair is curly, some straight, some wavy, all long and fine, as in the strands are fine, almost like baby hair. Fortunately, I have a lot of it. Other than wishing it weren’t so fine, I like my hair. I had to learn how to shut people out who’d call it “good hair” back when I was a child, even in my own family. They would somehow always say such things around other little girls, who’d then give me the stinkeye and pull it once the adults were gone. Having hair, whatever its’ texture, is a good thing!

Kudos to Sesame Street for doing that song! It was long overdue.

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I don’t know about black hair versus white hair but definitely growing up and to this day, curly hair seems like a pain in the arse versus relatively straight managable hair. As a female with moody in-betweeny hair, I would choose the limp flat stick straight hair any day over fussing and trying to make something out of mine. Gah, just give me wigs already.

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I love my hair. My hair is blonde. Its long. I love it.

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Do I love my hair? Yes, sometimes.

As a child, I remember being self conscious for my lopsided short hair (cut by my parents) which would would frizz, flip, straighten and curl in different directions. Nowadays, my hair and I have our good and bad moments. However, when I am losing a battle, I stick it in a ponytail and my hair fights back with baby hairs sticking out all over with a halo effect. sigh

One day we’ll have a great relationship.

I hope.

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I’m a white gal, and I have always thought kinky black hair is awesome. What I keep hearing is that folks who have it “hate” it because it’s hard to take care of. I also notice a lot of black gals (even young girls) wear wigs. That’s OK with me, but it seems to me that if kinky were actually seen as beautiful by the establishment, white folks would be wearing kinky wigs…I’d like to see the tables turned. It might help to level the playing field a bit.

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I used to love my hair. It was thick and curly and a beautiful brown with natural red highlights. It was so long and luxurious when I was pregnant.

Well, the curl kind of fell out when after pregnancy and now I have this in between hair that isn’t exactly wavy… just weird. It is also much thinner. I don’t know what the hell to do with it! Plus it is going gray so I have to keep coloring it (grey roots in dark brown hair are super obvious) because I am just not willing to go salt & pepper yet!

So, I guess it is pretty important or else I wouldn’t miss my former hair so much or care about going gray or worry that I am losing my hair.

Between this and the eye cream question, I am feeling old and depressed.

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@diavolobella They need to leave Jaime’s hair alone! Her natural hair is gorgeous!! She looks completely different with her hair so straight – and not in a good way.

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I cut my hair off and quit dyeing it. Now it is thick and below my shoulders and I really like how the white/gray goes with the brown. Who knew? My hair is naturally wavy and even more so now without the weight of dye. I sort of straighten it into big curls if I feel the need. I really enjoyed all the different colors I was though. I got the most male attention each time I was auburn.

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The hair on my head… no problem. My nosehair is…

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