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What is the best way to get rid of a cold?

Asked by jabag11 (673points) December 30th, 2010

I am 19, a male, in good shape, and have a soar throat and coughs, and that is it really. currently I am taking 2,000mg of Vitamin C a day to help, drinkig a lot of fluids, some medicine, and keeping warm.

Note that I want to get rid of this cold as fast as possible! but not in a crazy unhealthy way, but just to get rid of it! all inputs are greatly apprecited thank you!

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There is no cure for a virus. You can treat the symptoms. Red Chloraseptic is good relief for SORE throats, mucinex DM will stop a cough.

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Garlic and colds.
Ginger and colds.
Echinacea and colds.

Look into them.

You may want to check out healing crisis while you’re about it.

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There really is no cure for the cold virus. You should try to eat alot of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and tangerines because they contain vitamin C and can help your body recover faster. For the sore throat, I would recommend you take Strepsils or Buckley’s. Also you can try this. Get some white rum…preferably puncheon rum, put just a two teaspoons of it in a glass and squeeze half a lime in it and drink that. Try it for twice a week..that is a good combatant for the cold. A sea bath is good as well.

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You can’t really get rid of a cold but you can do things to help you feel better while you have it. Drinking plenty of fluids is an important one. When I have a cold I drink lots of lemon and ginger tea with honey. The last one before I go to bed will have a shot of scotch in it as well. Sometimes over-the-counter stuff helps too. I can’t manage a cold without sudafed.

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Zicam. and Hot and Sour soup or Tom Yum. liquids. and sleep.

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Eat some chicken soup.

Buy some zinc.

Get plenty of rest and just suffer through it.

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Gargle at least twice a day with a 50/50 mix of warm water and vinegar. The longer and deeper the gargle the better. It’s gross at first but works very well for me.

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Well the research is quite clear cut – there’s nothing you can do that will get rid of it faster. What your doing now is about as good as it gets – treat the symptoms. I wouldn’t bother with anything else.

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I read somewhere that colds generally take 10 days from start to finish, no matter what you do. About all you can do is lessen symptoms, or keep them in check. @Cruiser‘s suggestion of gargling is a good one; water and vinegar work well, or warm salt water if you have a sore throat. For some reason, chicken soup helps.

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We, as humans, must finally admit, that as of today, the cold and flu virus are superior organisms. It’s not us that gets rid of the cold or flu. The cold or flu gets rid of us when it’s done having its way. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Don’t press yourself. Let your immune system do its job and don’t tax it in any other way, like drinking alcohol or eating loads of processed foods.

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Get as much sleep as you can.

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thanks guys I guess i’ll just continue doing what I am doin

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@zenvelo and @marinelife have nailed my personal preference.

Zicam has had a few cases of people permanently losing their sense of smell, but I love the stuff. It’s really just zinc you put up in your nose. If you don’t want to take the risk, try a supplement. I find it really lessens the severity and shortens the duration of my colds. (And I’m a “cold baby.” I’ll take the flu or a feverish infection before I’ll choose a cold.)

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Ugh, it’s dreadful isn’t it? I’ve had a cold for over two weeks now. I’m starting to improve, but it’s been miserable. Feel better soon.

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Sleep is the most important, but I find I can’t sleep when I’m coughing and congested. So I take Nyquil. Knocks me right out.

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For sore throats, try gurgling salt water (don’t skimp on the salt) for at least 3 days consecutively.

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Get a good OTC decongestant. And I read that you can drown some viruses on the surface of your throat. As a nurse I’ve learned lots about viruses but I’m still unsure about this. However you will feel much better if you are well hydrated. I think I want to believe it so rarely look up cold viruses

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I’ve also found that a little bit of fresh air always feels nice, too. Get out for a short walk or something, but make sure to bundle up!

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I never get colds. Ha! And when I do I never admit it because that gives the cold strength. As soon as I feel a scratchy throat developing I spray “Chloraseptic” in my throat and gargle with it. Drink lots of water and try to be as active as I can.

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