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How often do you text while driving?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25308points) December 30th, 2010

A friend shared this PSA today, and I found it incredibly difficult to watch. A lot of senseless tragedy.
I, personally, made a pledge not to text and drive several months ago… and found it remarkably easy to stick to. However, most of the people that I know text almost non-stop while driving. I nag my husband incessantly for doing it, I find myself dreading the worst, not unlike drinking and driving.
What about you? How often do you text and drive? Do you think it would be a difficult habit to break? Do you ever feel guilty or second guess your decision to do so, or does it not really cross your mind?

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Probably only once a month. While I text a lot, I’ve found that if it’s important enough that I would need to respond while I’m driving, I can usually just call the person. And if I can’t, I’m normally not driving for more than a half hour and can just respond once I reach my destination. I know people who can’t go without texting though. I generally don’t ride in cars with them.

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Never! That’s my message loud & clear.

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just holding a mobile whilst driving can get you arested, points etc… in the UK. NEVER text, or even hold your mobile whilst driving it just isn’t worth the risk

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Never. It would be suicide on the roads I usually travel. But I see others doing it or talking on the phone while driving all the time.

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Never. I tried to once and just couldn’t do it. I can talk – with my earpiece in – on the phone and drive fairly well, but I can’t text.

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I hardly ever text anyway, so it’s kinda moot, but THANK YOU for deciding not to text! The last three near misses I’ve had on my motorcycle were due to young girls, texting while driving. I was not amused.

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I don’t receive text messages that often while driving because I don’t receive them all that often anyway, but if I decide to respond, I just do it at a red light. If not, I wait till I park.

In Glendale, CA as I was driving to work, on a large patch of grass separating traffic, there was a display of several cars that had been totaled and a sign that read don’t text and drive. The display was pretty intense. California is big on no talking and texting while driving and I’m glad.

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I have never sent a text message in my life.

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I’ll admit it- I do it. I have no excuses. I know it’s dangerous. I will say, however, I do it w/o looking. I hate talking on the phone and prefer to text. So, I have gotten quite good at doing it w/o looking. My eyes never leave the road. Actually, I find it more dangerous to eat in the car or mess with the radio/IPOD than text (the way I do it).
Not that I am making excuses…I do realize it’s a very dangerous thing to do.

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I don’t do it or answer the phone while driving. It’s not uncommon to see men shaving while driving, or women putting on make-up while going 65 on the expressway, or people eating while driving.

Nothing is that important that it can’t wait until you stop or get to where you’re going.

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Not at all.

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I never text while I drive. In Ontario it’s actually illegal to text or talk on a cell (unless you have a handsfree device) while driving.

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Why did I torture myself by watching that PSA? :( I knew it would get to me. Ugh.

I don’t drive. If and when I do learn, I will never text while driving.

Slightly more difficult is making sure I am in a car with somebody who will also not text while driving. I keep mental notes about who fiddles with the radio, or glances at the playlist on their MP3 player, picks up their phone to answer instead of using bluetooth or some other hands-free option, or send text messages. I have a few friends who are smart enough to physically hand their phone to a different passenger so that they won’t even be tempted to check, or (even better) shut the thing off.

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I do it more often then I should! but now I try and just wait until I get to a red light or what ever place im going to.

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@muppetish Ack, I know, wasn’t that just painfully sad? :(

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I only text when stopped if absolutely necessary. If someone sends me a message that needs an instant reply, then they will have to wait or call. Most of the time, my radio is too loud to even hear my phone go off. :-)

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Never, it’s been made illegal in my state, along with talking on the phone while driving. I also never did it before it was made illegal, which was this time last year. I still see people doing it though, including in school zones. Scares me so much when I think about what could happen to those kids walking home…

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Never…I don’t text but if I did I wouldn’t do it wile driving…I don’t answer calls when I’m driving either…..seems like a really bad idea…

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I have no idea what the legal status of texting/phoning while driving is here in CA, but I don’t really care.
I text a lot these days. But I never text while driving, and I never have. I check to see whom the text is from, and if it’s from family, I find a convenient place to pull over and I figure out what’s happening. Otherwise, they get to wait until I’ve reached my destination even if it’s some time during my 1-hour drive between my place and my parents’ place.

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I don’t send or receive text messages.

When I go out, I usually have my cell phone turned off.

If I hear an incoming call while I’m driving, I either wait until I get to my destination or I’m stopped, before I try to return the call.

Sometimes I try to make a call while my car is stopped, but once I resume driving, I holster the phone or put it down.

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I never text or use the phone while I drive. I hardly ever use a cell phone except in cases of emergency, and in that case I’d likely be pulled over already (or occasionally at the grocery store if I need to verify a product with the folks at home). I’ve never sent or received a text.

I don’t like the idea of everyone being in touch 24 hours a day

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not enough

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I never do and I’ve never needed a gory PSA to convince me to be that way.

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Never. I can’t even walk and text, I certainly couldn’t text and drive.

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I never caught the texting bug. I removed the feature from my cell phone.

To me texting is worse than reading and driving. Even if I used the texting feature I would never text and drive.

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I’m not crazy enough to text and drive. I’ve never done it. I’m too scared that the one time I do will be my last.

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I don’t text.

To me, the whole point of a phone is to talk to people. That is why it has a microphone and a speaker! If I wanted to communicate by text, I could write a letter, fire up an IM client, or send an e-mail. (And my Droid X can do two of those three things!) But it is a smart-phone. It’s not quite a computer, nor a typewriter, it’s a fucking PHONE!

If I have to communicate with somebody while I am driving, I can hit just a couple of buttons, hear them through my car’s speakers, and reply to them while still keeping both hands on the wheel. I am also not above telling them to hold on a moment to deal with the traffic situation; I can’t think of any phone call worth plowing into another vehicle on teh highway for.

If you want to drive, just drive. If you want to communicate then stay off the fucking road so the rest of us don’t have to risk getting killed because your conversation is worth more than our fucking lives!

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It is today’s infallible indicator of an idiot. I have a lot of faults, but I am not an idiot.

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@muppetish wants to know the person she is with won’t text. I want everyone on the road to just drive and not kill me or crash into me. It’s illegal to talk or text in Alberta including at a red light, $250. ticket.

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Once in a while the Canadians get it right. :).
Except the fine is too small.
Here in the States, people argue about what light bulb we should be forced to use.
Wait a minute.
Maybe you do too.
Still, I like the texting law.

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That is an incredibly stupid thing to do. I’ve seen people wandering all over the road while doing it. Never would I do it.

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@josie Here in WA it is hands-free or a ticket even at a red light, though I think the fine is only around $120. At least it finally got declared a primary offense; the cops don’t need another reason like speeding to pull you over since now just having the phone in your hand is enough.

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Never. I find it impossible to text while driving anyway.

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I don’t remember, I do it drunk.

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NEVER, I drive for a living and when I see idiots texting and driving all I want to do is run them down like a rabbid dog.

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