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Should i stay or should i just move on...

Asked by deerpark7 (13points) April 9th, 2008

I’m 17 and my girlfriend is 15. I’ve been with her for almost 6 months but it doesn’t even feel like it. I can’t see her that much b/c one, her mom doesn’t like me too much and yet I haven’t even met her, 2 she plays sports and has practice Monday to Friday. I never go to her house and when ever she’s at mine on the weekend, she lies to her parents when they call and say she’s somewhere else. When I drop her off it is so shady, I have to pull up and leave slow. I feel like I have to be like James Bond with this whole relationship. I was never the kind of kid to have a gf and everyone new that. I gave it all up for her and I really do like her a lot. I am not in love with her, but I do care a lot. I only get to see this girl once or twice on the weekend. The worst part is she basically lives down the street so it makes me crazy. The past couple weeks have been so shitty. All we do is fight and it’s just over stupid stuff. I always say, if only I could see you more things wouldn’t be like this. Deep down I know nothing can change and I will not see her anymore then I do now. Or at least until summer time, if we make it that long. This is the first time a girl has ever gotten into my head and it’s driving me crazy. She’s a great girl and not like the rest of them. I’m afraid if I let her go I will deeply regret it. I just don’t know if it’s worth it to go on. I’m optimistic about things getting better, but if they don’t, i’m fucked. I feel like I’m in a fake relationship, which blows. What do you guys think???

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Wow it’s been a long time since I have been in that sort of situation..LoL.. Look at it like this. If you suffer from it more than you enjoy the good from it then it might be a wise choice to do the right thing for yourself and move on. Sometimes these situations really suck but thats life. Do what’s good for you.

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Well, I’m only 18, so my experience in such matters is… well… limited. LOL

But I have a suggestion. Why not go and meet with her mom, just you, kinda spontaneously (for her anyways), and talk to her? Let her know how you feel about her daughter, the situation, Mainly just to finally meet the mother (which should help alot) but to also show her that you’re serious when it comes to her daughter, and not just another random splattergroit (I’ve been trying to use that word forever! LOL).

I think that doing that would help alot. Or if it doesn’t help, the situation will be resolved nonetheless…

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if you want to be respected and hope for this relationship to last, stop lying and hiding. Insist that you meet her parents. If you are a decent, polite and respectful young man to them, maybe they will allow you to date their daughter. If you keep lying and get caught, there will be no way you will be allowed to see her.

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I agree with all. Seems like the main reason is the parents. I mean, she is only 15.. Only two years apart but can be a big difference. If you dont feel the effort to try, its not really worth it. Good luck,

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You can’t see her often, her mom doesn’t approve of you, you don’t love her but you like her, and you have been fighting for two weeks?

Move on. This isn’t working, and you don’t have the time or space to make it work.

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Try and meet her parents, maybe they’ll end up liking you in the end. If you don’t want to meet her parents…I say move on. Parents are very over protected of their little girls. Good luck.

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Move on. Life is short.

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