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What are some good NYE traditions?

Asked by holli (487points) December 30th, 2010

Every year I make sure to have 12 grapes at midnight. One for each month in the new year. I make a wish/resolution/goal for each one. I also wear red underwear to bring prosperity in the new year. What are some other ones?

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When the clock strikes midnight, we have to hug and kiss (on both cheeks) everyone in the room, no matter where we are!

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Wishing me a happy birthday.

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A kiss and fireworks are a hard combo to beat.

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Start singing the Bill Nye The Science Guy theme exactly 30 seconds before the ball drops. ~

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We used to call Happy New Year out the front door.

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I attempt to lose as many braincells as possible, and try to be less disappointed each year.

Never kissed anyone on New Years.

I think I prefer y’alls ideas.

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@everephebe I guess that’s a tradition. If you want to break it, come on over to our place.

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Not much of a chance for this year.

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A tall dark stranger bearing coal being the first one to cross the threshold after midnight.

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A fine Cigar and a sherry.

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