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How can i listen to an album in itunes in it's original format?

Asked by alabare (282points) April 9th, 2008

I have a ton a full albums in my itunes library and I want to be able to listen to them individually in the same order they originally ordered the songs on the original album Any suggestions?

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you can right click on each song, and change the track number on it. if you want to reorganize the order you can do that.

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Think I just solved my own issues by accident. Looks like you can go into View, choose album view, then sort by track #. Bit cumbersome, but accomplishes what I was looking for. Didn’t realize this was even possible. =)

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In the main iTunes Library window where your list of songs resides, you can right-click on the row of labels at the top (the column labels Name, Artist, Time, etc.), and a pop-up list will appear, and from that list, you can choose “Track”.

Also, you can use the browse feature (the “eye” icon at the bottom right of the window), to narrow the view down to the artist or album, and when coupled with the track column, can very easily sort in the order of the original album.

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Ahhh, even better. Thanks sndfreQ!

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ah yeah, I have figured you had already done that, and that you had a remastered cd where the tracks were swapped around or something.

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if the songs were put on directly from the cd all of the track numbers should be in there ID tags. So just click and sort the songs by artist and it will automatically put them back in their proper order.

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