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Do you let your desktop get out of control?

Asked by XOIIO (18251points) December 30th, 2010

I find myself working on several projects at once, and have all sorts of files and folders filling my desktop. I try to organize, but it always gets back to a mess. Do you too have a problem with having your desktop get disorganized?

Yesterday I made this program to help clean up files that I had on my desktop, it works like a charm.

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Never. I try not to let anything on my computer get cluttered. The Documents and Pictures folders do sometimes, but I organize them eventually. The desktop, never. :P

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Your lucky, there are oft times where my desktop has no space. As it is, half of it is full of folders I need to organize.

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Yes but I love the randomness of dozens of pages and files open at the same time.
Lol at your video, the app seems like more work than just actually moving folders to ‘my documents’ and that desktop background just looks like it creates stress, get a tree or lake to look at.

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My work one is a disaster, because I have too many files that I’m working on at once, but at home is under control.

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What’s out of control? It’s a complete jumbly chaotic mishmash of a mess, but I am not making any attempt to control it. I don’t have any desire to control it. It’s fine with me the way it is. So is that out of control or not?

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@Odysseus That is showing it from the install, it just lets you choose your OS, then puts the appropriate file into a folder on local disc c. Then you just dowble click a shortcut on your desktop every time you have too much stuff.

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I keep mine tidy. And yes, I am running a screensaver as a background.

john-powells-iMac:~ johnpowell$ /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background

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I have 6 desktop shortcuts that I consistently use.
I delete any other shortcuts that are created, or I move them into the Unused Desktop Shortcuts folder.

I have 3 applications and two folders that are usually open in my task bar.

I have three applications that I usually have open in the system tray.

I keep almost everything else closed.

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@Not_the_CIA Shit, see I can’t stand that lol! My background is “Clockwork” for dreamscene. Normally you don’t have dreamscene on windows 7 but I got it to work and it looks great.

@Brian1946 Cool. The problem is I use almost all of my stuff at least once during a week.

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