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How can I write a program to process data from a web page?

Asked by robhubbs (41points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t have much coding experience (basic years ago), but I want to create a web page that takes inputs, performs “if/then” calculations, and returns information to the user. It should be a fairly simple decision support algorithm. Any suggestions about how I can do this? I’m smart & have good logic & math skills.

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The terms you want are CGI and form.

You can write CGI programs in just about any language, but the ones you’re most likely to find useful are Perl, Python, and PHP. Any web host will offer two or three of those.

Other than that, though, it’s a big question and probably bigger than I can answer in a Fluther text box.

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I would just use PHP. It is forgiving and most(+95%) web hosting companies support it. I would just use something like xampp for testing it locally on your computer.

And here is a basic and simple PHP primer that can help with most of what you will probably need to know.

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