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Dirty iPhone?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone

my speaker holes on my iPhone are looking funky. Any good/safe way to clean?

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I’ve been using a sewing needle to gently try and get things like that out… I’m not sure if its the best way/ safest…. But it works better than a toothpick- which seems to just jam it down further.

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You could try a very soft tooth brush or maybe even a can of air.

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Best thing for cleaning electronic equipment, especially in tight places (such as the speaker holes on your iPhone) is a can of NINJA.
You can buy it for $7 (US) from
Check it out here.

NINJA = Ninja Is Not Just Air*

*(It’s Dust-Slaying Nano-Shurikens of Doom!)

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dang that stuff must be sponsored by Chuck Norris! Thanks! I will try.

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maybe u should shave yr palm!

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Take some thing like a cheese cloth and just get a little alcohol on it and rub. My techs at Sprint use it all the time. Just dont drench the cloth or phone just enough to break up the gook.

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