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Has anyone noticed that when you get credit check offers and statements of changes in credit card terms that it is almost impossible to find the name of the financial institution on these documents?

Asked by anartist (14803points) December 31st, 2010

If these documents are separated from the envelope or little advertisements it is hard to figure out who sent them. Is it because the name of the credit card is not always the name of the lender? Are lender consortiums as confusing as supermarket shelves [which actually lease out footage to different suppliers] or Sears auto repair bays [leased out to mechanics] or cabs [often leased]?

If I get 4 different offers from the same bank that are similar or even the same terms but down in the corner it says “this is offer number 2386761549271” and each one of these things that came from the same bank, even ones with matching terms, have different numbers, does that mean each offer has different individual underwriters?

Are banks, like insurance companies, collections of underwriters working under a name, like Lloyd’s of London?

Is all this stuff not monolithic but almost individual investors through a corporate entity targeting individual consumers using electronic information?

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The better to keep you in the dark, my dear.

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The number could be a marketing tracking number to track the effectiveness of the communication – graphic design, messaging, packaging of offer, timing of mailing.

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