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Have you felt someones aura when around them? Recognized a certain energy as though you could feel it?

Asked by Crossroadsgrl (922points) December 31st, 2010 from iPhone

I had this experience where I actually had to leave the room. Anyone “recognized” someones energy or familiar energy or anything like this before ? You had a karmic connection? Could you describe it and what occurred ?

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I have seen auras before. Especially during an out of body experience, where I was surrounded by green. There is an energy field around every body, I feel energy better than seeing it.

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As a matter of fact, I have tried that once on a train. I closed my eyes and tried to “sense” the presence of the person in the seat next to me. It failed utterly. She left, and I did not notice.

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My friend Luke, he has the force you know? Creepy it’s true :¬)

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I get negative “vibes” from my sister’s husband. When he’s in the same room with me I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack and if he speaks to me I feel like I’m going to vomit. I wouldn’t call it anything new age-y, though.

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An aura is frequently found on my wife and i. i can look at her and feel the electrical charge of good luck for her and vice versa. its true about an aura. some people can sense it, while others think you are missing a card from your deck.

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Yes, definitely. I’ve sometimes felt the most beautiful, serene energy emanating from people.

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Yes…many times. I can feel peoples energy and it has allowed me to experience some incredible moments. I was once told by another student in a Yoga class I was in where after the class the student came up to me and commented that during Warrior pose she said my energy was so powerful if felt like I was going to push her over even though I was 5 feet away.

There have been many other times…;)

This may sound all “woo woo” to some….but for me it is real. I can feel others energy and it is actually quite cool to do.

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I have felt this way too but very rarely. I believe it has to do with how observant and alert you are. Martial Artists has that same ability as well but they were trained into doing it.

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I have to laugh at whoever sat by someone on the train, they left, and she had no idea. Don’t know if it’s sarcastic or not. I almost HOPE it is. ;) raging loli. Lol.

It’s not woohoo at ALL I feel so encouraged, fortunate, ...BLESSED, by things like this, they’re VERY genuine and real.
Many others if more in touch with their world and themselves would maybe realize all the wonderful things like that going on all the time.

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Yes, often.

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I don’t think it’s any big deal to feel someone else’s energy. We all do that. Some are more sensitive than others, although it may just be that we all do it, and some of us are not aware we are doing it. But our bodies know.

Auras? I dunno. Lot’s of weird stuff happens to me. I can get a sense of what is happening with someone a long way away if I concentrate on them. I can do this even with people I barely know. Sometimes I see colors around people, but I don’t know what it means. Recently I saw a band of green around my son’s neck. I told him what I was seeing (because I wasn’t really trusting my eyes) and he looked and said he saw it, too. I’m not sure how.

I see bands of purple limning buildings and cars at night. I don’t know what they are, nor what they mean. I tend to think they are artifacts of something going wrong with my vision.

Anyway, I think that it can probably be verified that we pick up “energy” from other people. Perhaps it is a subtle reading of faces and bodies. I mean, it seems obvious when someone is mad or ecstatic. You can see it in their bodies and eyes. Most people would agree on what they are perceiving.

But colors? That’s something onle each individual can see, and since so few see them, one wonders if these things are a product of an active imagination, or something reproducible. I’m inclined to believe both, at least in my case. I think my imagination leads me astray because I really like the idea of being special in some way, and I also suspect that there is something wrong with my eyes or, more likely, my brain—especially since my brain has taken to playing tricks on me a lot, of late.

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Oh, the irony.

I don’t know about ‘auras’ so much as people’s energy fields, but yes. I’m extremely sensitive and an empath. I pick up on things I have no way of knowing. It often goes to the point where I feel what someone is feeling, or sometimes I begin to feel their physical symptoms if they’re ill. Reading this book was jaw-dropping and revelatory for me because I never connected my introverted behavior with being overwhelmed by all the energy outside of my cozy personal refuge. It also helped me realize why I have such strong intuitive reactions sometimes… I’ve learned to just go with it because they are too strong to ignore and almost always right.

I’ve walked in a room for the first time and been immediately struck by a charged-feeling energy. I knew immediately, within seconds, that people had been arguing/disagreeing. I knew it before I had time to process anything, to look around the room, to interpret people’s expressions or body language. I knew it because it was like walking into a wall!

Another time, which I’ve mentioned here before, is my ex’s 15-year-old niece went to prom with a boy who came by to pick her up. He was gentlemanly, polite, and exhibited perfect behavior as any parent would hope for. Something about him, though, I couldn’t at all put my finger on it, but I got an untrustworthy vibe and the more I sat with it, the less I liked him and the more uneasy I got. I watched the two of them leave for prom and turned to my ex and said, “I don’t trust that kid.”

Well, sure enough.. he took the niece’s virginity, gave her herpes, dumped her, and never talked to her again.

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In a purely metaphorical sense, yes. Now, I feel energized and warm when I’m close to my boyfriend, but I believe that comes from A) real tangible body heat and B) the heightened sense of “closeness” and attachment that I feel because I really do love him. I like the feeling of being around anyone in general, I’m a people person, just sitting near a friend of mine felt wonderful (and it was not sexual in any way). But it’s different with my boyfriend, I know that. Still, there is nothing metaphysical about it.

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Yes okay….this was an energy I could draw on paper easier than describe.
Like circles or rings of molecules around the “gut” area.
Again, and like some said, not sexual, purely an energy current where yes , like someone said, it “pushed me ” in a way…and yet I was drawn TOWARD it.
Great answers so far thank you.

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As a child I had the ability to sense things that I did not understand at the time, but as I grew up and learned more about my surroundings and people, many different people I am aware that i have the ability to sense things that for me at least have kept me away from danger. Once I got the sense that I was going to be killed because of a break-in to my apartment from a very vividly clear dream and so I chose to go visit my mother for the week-end and when I got back I arrived to my door being kicked in and all of my valuables stolen even what I had in my freezer was taken. I should say that at the time I was pregnant with my first son and was 7 months along.

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