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Has anyone here ever used Phentermine to lose a little weight? Do you feel it is healthier to be thin and on Phentermine or overweight and not on it?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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I have. I don’t know about phentermine but I believe there is a company that is coming out with a safe weight loss product that is more effective than phentermine!

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The only answer to this question is “neither”—good diet and exercise are really the only “healthy” option.

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Actually, I had an answer that was different so neither is not the only answer. This could be answered many ways if you are answering the question asked.
The question was, which is healthier? Maybe a better phrasing would have been, which is better?
However since the question is about phentermine vs. fat, I believe the questioner wanted an answer to that specific question.

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My point is that it would be completely inaccurate to describe either of those situations as “healthy”. Both put you at significantly increased risk for a heart attack. If you want to try to quantify which increases your risk more, then you need to take into account your current weight, diet, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol, genetic predisposition, stress level, sleeping patterns, water intake, and everything else that contributes to cardiovascular health.

I don’t think fluther can do that for you.

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Obviously, it’s more “healthy” for some people to eat right and exercise but that’s not the question. For me, phentermine worked wonderfully and was a healthier choice than losing weight a bit more slowly with good diet and exercise. It gave me the energy, which I never had previously, to get seriously involved in fitness. I discovered a love for cycling and soon after became a certified Spinning instructor. I lost 70lbs using this drug as a supplement to a healty diet and rigorous exercise routine. Also, it’s not a drug that you take forever. Eventually, the weight loss tapers once you’ve reached your naturally heathly weight and you are taken off it. I managed my weight without it for more than a year before getting pregnant. I’m currently using it again to lose baby-weight. I have a hip problem that prevents me from being able to carry extra weight for more than a VERY short period of time. Healthy diet and exercise won’t take weight off fast enough and, without this drug, having children wouldn’t be an option for me. That doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone. I’m also young and in perfect health (aside from previous weight trouble/hip problem). That said, I’m not an obvious candidate for heart (or other) complications that some people might have. I believe if you’re under your doctor’s care (and have a respectable doctor), that it’s for you and he/she to decide what is more healthy for you: being overweight or being on phetermine. The answer won’t be the same for everyone.

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May I give away who is closely related to whom on this forum? Or is that dirty pool?

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I believe Phentermine might be a bit addictive. Along the lines of amphetamines. I would be very careful.

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Well gailcalled, I am the brother in law of cornman. Not sure if that is what you are referring to but not sure the relevance of it either.

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Not much; those of us who are related sometimes do a little “insider trading.” I usually disclose.

And I have no clue what phetermine. Is it an Rx or over-the-counter?

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I am not sure what you are suggesting, implying or are you making an accusation?
Phentermine is a prescribed drug to control appetite. Not sure what sort of insider trading could even be considered in this since neither of us is a doctor nor a pharmacist.
What is it you are looking for ?

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Sorry, I meant that those of us who are related sometimes slip in family info or jokes..We are trying to stop.

Thanks for explaing phentermine.

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Oh…. I believe he was asking because he has used it as well, but I am not sure where you would see anything of an inside joke in his question or my answers.
Oh well…moving on.

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quit eating that shit its pretty much the same thing as meth

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I’ve taken it in the past and I’m one of the horrible individuals that purchased it via the net. I lost about 25 lbs and kept the weight off for many years. I would strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor and stay under his/her care should you decide to go that route. I agree with much of what @spendy said that it is a different situation for everyone. Good luck!

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@buster…lol, last I knew, doctors weren’t prescribing meth

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@spendywatson: Actually they do. It’s used to treat narcolepsy, obesity, and treatment-resistent ADHD:

Notice how similar phentermine:
and methamphetamine:
are structurally. They are functionally very similar as well.

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yeah, I was talking about meth, as in meth-lab meth…rots your teeth, makes you pick your face and look crazy, meth…doing time in prison because you blew up your trailor trying to cook it, meth…made rehab your forwarding address, meth. I don’t know any doctors that prescribe street drugs. There are, however, drugs being manufactured that may be similar to street drugs, though produced in a controlled environment by trained professionals. Said drugs, when used properly, are administered by physicians, not street dealers. Please, let’s not confuse medical intervention under physician’s supervision with, “Damn I’m getting kind of fat…I think I’ll hit up the dealer on the nearest corner and pop a few pills as I see fit so I can tweak out for a while until I lose the weight.” Big difference, IMO. As I said, whether or not it is truly the healthy choice will change from individual to individual, depending on their set of circumstances. I would rather take Phentermine under my physcian’s care for a couple of months than be rolling around in a wheel-chair for 6 months followed by 6 or more months of physical therapy and the frustration of learning to walk again (for the 3rd time). But that’s just me.

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Do you also consider marijuana not marijuana if it’s prescribed by a doctor?

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I’m sure it’s not exactly the same as what you find on the street. LOL, if anything, it’s probably better. And if it were prescribed to someone by their doctor for the greater good of their health, and used as directed and not abused (legally or otherwise), it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. When your health poses serious quality of life issues, what you consider medically becomes a completely different story. I’ve been there, I know. That’s all I’m saying. It’s different for everyone, as well it should be.

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