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What New Year Resolution would you make for somebody else?

Asked by flutherother (30666points) December 31st, 2010

Is there anyone in real life or in Flutherdom that could do with a little improvement? Who and what would it be?

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This is for LonelyDragon. i sincerely hope that 2011 brings you a better job and maybe an engagement ring from your boyfriend. you are a good person and deserve this.

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That the two people whom (I feel) done me wrong realize it and make amends.

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I would tell Lucille to finally take cooking classes and get those golf lessons she so desperately needs! ;)

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I would tell @Cruiser to duck! ;)

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I would ask everyone to resolve to never ask a question about resolutions or to sum up the past year again. Never!

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My now ‘ex’ friend and ex biz. partner who is an extremely emotionally messed up woman and love/relationship addict.

I had to let her go a few months ago because I could no longer cope with her constant emotional drama, outbursts and her resistance to doing any recovery work.

I wish her healing and peace and the ability to be alone with herself, but, at age 54 it is doubtful she will change. ;-(

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SO- smoke less than a pack a day of cigarettes

Sister- land a job.

Mother- follow her diet better.

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For everyone, everywhere: To take the time to be kind to one another. Even strangers… a smile and a nod goes a long way. <3

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