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What Canadian city is comparable to NYC?

Asked by obicularis (38points) December 31st, 2010

What cities in Canada have a lot to do?

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I love Montreal. Even though it’s a huge city, it feels less overwhelming, the way London is less overwhelming than NYC.

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Toronto is probably the best comparison to New York. If you’re looking for nightlife, shows, that kind of thing, you can definitely find it here.

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None. However, Toronto is the most cosmopolitan.

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@marinelifeNo cities in Canada have “a lot to do”? I think you need to do some travelling.

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@Seelix I was answering the question the asker posed in the main question, not the details. There are no cities in Canada that are comparable to New York City in any way.

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Montreal and Toronto, but my favorite city is Vancouver.

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I’ve been to both Toronto and New York but I wouldn;t say they were similar at all. Toronto is more European, it’s cosmopolitan, clean, less crowded, more spacious. New York reminded me much more of London. I loved them both though, in different ways.

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Toronto. The Orbit Room. Rush.

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Toronto is the Chicago of Canada.

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