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Can having your cell phone near you while sleeping disrupt your sleep?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) December 31st, 2010

I’ve heard this from multiple sources, that there’s something about the cell phone that can possibly disrupt your sleep. That it should be at least 6 feet away from you. is this true?

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lol, well if you have someone calling you then I could see how this could be a problem. :P

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@Axemusica That’s what I was going to say. I doubt if six feet would do it unless you had the sound way down. Turn the sound off, and I think you’ll experience no effect on your sleep.

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I spent almost this whole year sleeping with my cellphone within arms reach. The only time it disrupted my sleep was when it rang. I never had any problems just because it was there and I’ve never heard anything about it possibly disrupting your sleep by being too close.

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I don’t think I could sleep without my cell phone near me. Forbid something happen and you get an emergency call in the middle of the right and then can’t find it because you are groggy and it’s six feet away

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Electromagnetic radio-frequency (rf) emissions from cell phones have been deemed safe even for a call in progress. In standby mode there’s very little transmitted rf. (Ironically rf emissions are greater when the signal strength is low.) No reason not to have it right next to you. Long periods at body temperature, however, may shorten the life of electronics.

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I use my cellphone as my alarm clock. It’s kept on the dresser, just out of arm’s reach from the bed.

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If cellphones disrupt sleep through EM radiation then you have to make sure that you don’t have any power lines in that wall either. No bedside lamps or alarm clocks either. Even the electromagnetic field surrounding things with a central nervous system could screw you up, so sleep alone!

I don’t see any problems with keeping your cellphone charging on your nightstand.

@gasman No irony there. Is it ironic that people shout when people are 50 feet away but use a normal voice when they are only arm’s length away? The only difference is that cellphones “shout” with radio waves while people shout with sound waves.

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I live at the edge of my coverage area so the phone is always bouncing from one tower to another and makes a beep when it switches, and it lights up so yeah it stays in another room at night. There’s probably a way to adjust settings to stop that but I’m lazy and don’t want to fiddle with it each time.

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@woodcutter Even at maximum power, the amount of RF energy it puts out isn’t a whole hell of a lot. If it was enough to actually do harm to someone who doesn’t have a pacemaker then the batteries in them would drain in minutes (if not seconds) instead of hours.

Now, I have heard from multiple sources that having sex with a virgin cures HIV/AIDS, blood-letting cures anything, the Earth is flat, cigarettes are non-addictive, consumption tax is not regressive, and all sorts of other things. The truth is that science and reality are not a consensus thing. If I got 51% of people on Earth to believe that the sky was not blue, the sky would not magically change color. Pi will never equal 4 instead of 3.14159… no matter what people think.

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Yes I was talking about radiation for those of you who thought I was tlaking about it ringinig.. cmon now… lol. but thank you!

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ALSO, ANOTHER QUESTION, do you guys think if i turn off the cell phone that would stop all possible “harmful” radiation? Just to be safe because I can turn it off? no problem

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You can but bear in mind that you get far more radiation from so many other sources that it’s not funny. I assume that you live about 93 million miles from a star, and stars are notorious for generating all sorts of EM radiation.

Besides, if you think that a minuscule amount of EM radiation on top of the megadose you already get from other sources is bad, you out to see what our food, water, and air are like :P

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@jerv really? so what are some other things that I can do to keep my body, mind, etc. safe? like keeping phone at a distance when sleeping for example..?? please inform me!! if you don’t want to say it here then through message would be great. i’d appreciate it !

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What @jerv is saying @jabag11 is that, if you’re this concerned about the phone you might as well stop using: Microwaves, televisions, computers, iPods, automobiles and so on and so forth.

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@Axemusica Precisely! Thank you for rephrasing it :)

@jabag11 The human body has a remarkable tolerance for things, and pretty decent recuperative/regenerative abilities. That is how our species (or any other for that matter) even manages to survive, so keeping your body safe is mostly a mater of common sense.
Of course, there is no such thing as 100% safe, and life in and of itself is a calculated risk. I mean, look at the number of people who die in car accidents yet people still drive, right? That is what I mean by “calculated risk”.

The harder part is keeping your mind safe, and worrying about things you can’t control or making mountains out of molehills is definitely not the way to do that. The more time you spend worrying, the less time you have to enjoy the limited time you have on this planet. Even if you do everything right, odds are you won’t live to see 100, and it’d be truly miraculous and unprecedented for you to hit 150.

So basically have a bit of faith in your body, stop worrying about the little things, and that will relax your mind. In fact, that relaxation will probably help you live longer! It’s proven that stress kills. Stress will take it’s toll on your body while simultaneously hindering it’s ability to heal. Relaxing will help not only your mind, but also your body :D

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Well if the phone lights up or your cell phone starts going off by accident that could disrupt your sleep.Better to have no light and noise so you can rest.

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