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How to remove soot from a wall?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23976points) December 31st, 2010

Last night a candle got a little too close to a wall, so now soot has marred it.

What’s the best way to remove it without damaging the paint?

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Paint. Sorry, but paint is easy and relatively pretty cheap. If you’ve already tried the magic eraser and soapy sponge. :)

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Noooo! lol :) No, I haven’t tried anything yet, ‘cause I didn’t want to strip the paint. Wasn’t even sure if soap was safe.

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Noooooooooooo, not the magic eraser, it will just spread the soot!! Come to think of it so will soapy sponge. Paint is your best bet!

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OMG! LOL! At first when I read the question (before I put my glasses on) I thought it said how do I remove a foot from my wall.

Unfortunately, you will still need to wipe away some of the soot, which will spread it, but the paint will adhere better if you do that first. It is also less likely to retain the sooty smell if you wipe some of it away first. And you might need to use a product like Kilz latex stainblocker after you’ve wiped the soot (and spread it). This will seal the offending sooty color and smell. After the Kilz is dry, then re-paint over it with your regular wall color.

Check with the paint guys at Home Depot or Lowe’s if you need any help. They can give you a better explanation of how to apply it and how long it needs to dry.

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Toothpaste and a damp cloth will do the trick. You may still need to paint, but it will get most of the soot removed.

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use KILZ in the spray can to cover the stain after you have gotten as much of the soot off the wall. Simple Green might work to clean most of the black away. Then paint the affected area… or hang a picture there…or both. Check all your fire extinguishers while you’re at it.

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You could go to a hardware store get a tack cloth (cheesecloth soaked in beeswax), which is designed for removing drywall dust from sanding from a new wall prior to painting. There are also sponges that are designed to remove soot.

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