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Switching to Optimum Online; What are the Positives/Negatives? Is it worth switching?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 1st, 2011

I currently have Verizon DSL for over 10 years. They ONLY offer 1–3mbps “in my area” (15 min outside NYC). No FIOS, no “fastest” no “ultimate” packages for 10 years. So we want faster internet with all the people in this house streaming netflix, youtube, 5 iphones, 4 computers etc.

Optimum advertises 15mbps for nearly the same price! I looked up some reviews for optimum service online however and almost ALL seem overwhelmingly negative. Now we don’t care about the “optimum email/homepage, or even the customer service as a MAIN concern. We have everything set up, but are their any Optimum Online customers that say their connection speed is AMAZING and well worth it? are any of you getting the 15mbps!? I am considering cancelling the installation after all of this research! Thanks guys!

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also, im reading about undefined caps now if you DL/UL “too much.” my girlfriend has optimum and when we skype, her computer drags the whole thing down to “bad connection, poor video quality.” WHY?!? why would people pay to have 15mbps if it does all this? is it really optimum that’s this bad, or is it people not knowing what they’re doing?

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WE had Optimum and switched to FIOS because of price. No noticeable difference in speed between the two.

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